Ellen-Rose Interview.

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17 year old Melbournian Ellen-Rose is a singer/songwriter/bassist/guitarist/pianist. Taking influence from Deep Purple, Bon Jovi, ABBA and her biggest influence Lady Gaga, she churns out heartfelt songs with a meaning, while also sounding badass. She signed with management company Magic Brands, (who hold acts such as Sisters Doll, hosted the Gene Simmons lunch, and bought Bruce Kulick (KISS) to Australia in 2015), after her departure from award winning all girl rock band Shewolf.

She took classical piano lessons at a young age, and that inspired her to go and take up vocals and guitar. She has performed at many venues across Australia, such as the HiFi Bar, Cherry Bar, The Espy and done a tour with Sisters Doll.

One of Australia’s hottest rock chicks.
  1. Introduce yourself. I’m Ellen-Rose Russo from Melbourne, 17 years old, and recently started going solo in my music! I only got serious about music 2 years ago after quitting competitive dancing and used music as a sort of ‘emotional outlet’.
  2. Describe your sound. Everytime I play a gig someone will always mention that I sound similar to Lady Gaga! Haha, but I would say i’ve created my own kind of sound which is like a soulful, loud, sound. Kind of like the band Heart.
  3. What’s your favorite music? Rock N’ Roll!!! My new love is Steel Panther and Rainbow (Ritchie Blackmore’s post-Deep Purple band, which featured metal God Ronnie James Dio).
Opening for Sisters Doll

4. What’s been the biggest point in your career so far? Oh so many! Most definitely playing at the Cherry Bar and also being asked to be apart of Magic Brands! It’s such an honor to be apart of the ‘Magic’ family! Oh! and also having been mentored by Roger McLachlan (Bassist of Little River Band), he’s such an inspiration!

5. Do you feel that being so young, people assume you’re not good or have no idea about music? Definitely… and it doesn't help being a girl either! But all the assumptions can always be proved wrong!!

You’re proof that they’re wrong. But then again most of todays most famous ‘music’ (or what I call noise) stars are girls.Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Pink, Kylie Minogue all female.

Thats true! I don’t like some of the girls you’ve mentioned eg: Tay swift. But I do admire the fact that she writes all of her own songs.. And Lady Gaga… If you have seen her live that woman has balls!! And is extremely good at piano! I suppose people might consider some of their songs as noise but I can appreciate that its probably just experimentation with their sound, which every artist/band does.

True, but I’m into Classic Hard Rock, Glam Rock/metal, Sleaze Rock and metal lol Well I agree very much with that… Rock is where it’s at to be honest.

6. So what pulled the trigger to you wanting to become a badass musician?Haha well when i quit dancing, i just kind of gravitated to music because i was always surrounded by it. My dad’s a rock n roller so i suppose i always looked up to him. Then I started doing some gigs here and there and eventually it all got really serious and thats when i realised I want (NEED) to be doing this for the rest of my life!

Ellen belting out a tune with her powerhoue voice.

7. Best/worst gigs? Best gig was playing at the Cherry Bar, just knowing how much of an icon that place is was just awesome!
Worst gig would have to be when i was with the band and we got kicked out of the espy for being underage before we had to go on ahaha.

So did you get to play? Yeah we did but we had to wait out in the cold before we went on, then as soon as we had finished got kicked out again

8. Whats the biggest crowd you've played to? Oh God, number wise i would have no idea! But It would definitely be at the Hi-Fi Bar, it was packed!!

Awesome with Shewolf? Yep!

9. How was your time with Shewolf?
A lot of ups and downs… but many great memories I will carry with me for the rest of my life! I learnt so much from the music we played as well as working with other people. It’s a shame what happened but all in all, everything happens for a reason but im greatful for all the ventures we have been on.

Jamming on a strat. Notice the KISS beanies on the Marshall.

10. What does the future hold for Ellen-Rose? Many Many more gigs and originals to come! Hopefully will go on some road trips and get my music out there, maybe overseas?! And then my ultimate dream to be putting on kick-ass shows with the whole works! -Dancing, full band, fire, smoke, massive stage, you name it! hopefully.. one day

So you wanna be in KISS? Hahahahaha YES the answer is always yes

11. What advice do you have for other musicians? To help each other out! We’re all trying to get to the same place and all have a passion for music, so never put someone down or anything like that! Let’s all be friends and make music

12. General Comments? I guess after a couple of years I’ve seen people put down others for pursuing their passion… so a general comment would be Keep your head high and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Everything happens for a reason! Rock n’ Roll Baby!



iPhone shot.

How does Ellen-Rose write a song? Literally whenever I feel like shit, or if something amazing happens… basically if something happens that affects me i will get on the piano or guitar, smash something out (which is normally a chorus) and work from that. The words sometimes don't make sense cause its literally the first thing that pops into my little brain.

What’s your favorite instrument? I love the bass to be honest tongue emoticon I've grown attached to it. Its so chill.

Ellen and her great manager Peter Hoffman who also manages Sisters Doll.

Who are your favorite bands? Steel Panther, Rainbow, Deep Purple, KISS, Toto, Queen, ABBA, Motley Crue, list goes on.

Great list! Did you see Motley on ‘The Final Tour? No I wasn't able to frown emoticon I'm so devastated I missed it. Same here.

Favorite albums? Saints of Los Angeles, and Dr. Feelgood for MC
Hotter Than Hell for KISS
Every single album of steel panther which is like 4 anyway

Best concert you've seen? Lady Gaga by far… Omg i love her. Her f*#king stage presence is mind blowing.. I can’t even.

Worst concert you've seen? There hasn't been any to be honest.

Do you get nervous pre show? Never. I love performing! i only get nervous though if i’ve written a new song… you never know how people will react.

Did you ever get nervous? No not really.. because i was a dancer for 10 years prior, getting up on stage never really made me nervous.. and also having band mates helped too! I just love the stage! Nothing to get nervous about!!

Thanks Ellen great interview, all the best for the future. See you at a show one day. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm coming to Adelaide soon actually! Hope to see you then. I’ll try.

Text Copyright Jakam Kourasanis 2015

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