Hayden Watt (Candy Harlots, Helter Skelter) Interview

  1. Introduce yourself. My name is Hayden Watt, I’m a singer, musician, songwriter and music producer. I have a studio in Melbourne. One of my 1st singing jobs where I learnt a lot about the music business was in a band called Candy Harlots.

2. Describe your music. I write anything from Metal to Dance music.

3. What was your time like in the controversial rock band ‘Candy Harlots’? Very intense, I was very young, 17, left school and home. My job was to record music and tour. The gigs in Kings Cross Sydney were crazy, that was our home.

4.But you enjoyed it yeah? Sure, 90% of the time, after a couple of years I started getting sick of it. Like any job, after a while it gets boring you just want to relax at home. Id have to say to myself how lucky I was to do what I love and stop complaining haha!

5. What were the high points of being in the band? The highlight was touring and seeing different places, meeting lots of great people. We played the last Candy Harlots in 94. Tony the drummer left so we became a new band Helter Skelter.

Candy Harlots promo photo. Hayden to the right

6. Did you record anything? Then recorded a wicked album with EMI records. Only one song was released and the rest of the album was not.

7. Why the name Helter Skelter? We were much heavier than Harlots, so we wanted a darker name. So I think Leeno the bassist was looking on the back of a Motley record and saw the song Helter Skelter and we all liked it. Now I think it was stupid. Some cover band in Western Australia had rights to the name and was going to take legal action. The band was dropped from EMI records because our music was too heavy for the time. Chocolate Starfish took our place as EMI number 1 band. They changed back to the Harlots and I headed back home to Melbourne.

8. Do you have any regrets from those days? No, because I heard my song on the radio, saw my ugly head on TV, mission accomplished. I would have liked to have stayed on, in Sydney, but Helter Skelter was my baby, something I started. Once the decision was made not to release the album, I lost morale and just didn't want to take a step back.

9. Why was the album not released? It wasn’t released because it was to heavy. Today it wouldn’t be. The album was produced by Queen and Black Sabbaths producer Mack.

Helter Skelter promo pic from ‘93

10. Would you ever be interested in a Helter Skelter reunion? Sure, i would, for one or 2 shows, The lads are busy as I am.

11. What have you done since the Candy Harlots/Helter Sketler? Played with a few bands, worked all sorts of jobs. These days Im in a few bands, A Sabbath tribute band, a GnR tribute. I write and play with a lot of artists, young and old and have some work ready to release soon.

12. What advice do you have for younger musicians? Don’t try and make money, Don’t try to be like anyone else, unless you are in a tribute band of course haha! Never disrespect anyone, but don’t take any shit. Have fun, write songs, record them, do a cheap clip and put it on Youtube, you don’t need record companies anymore. Last stay off the piss and drugs as much as you can. It ruins people ☺

Thanks Hayden you rock man. Nailed reminds me of Ugly Kid Joe…Haha cool, no problem man, keep on rockin. If there is anything else I can help you with let me know.

Text Copyright Jakam Kourasanis 2015

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