LIPZ (Sisters Doll) Interview

Lipz, Tommy Lee’s long lost son, drums for Melbourne hard rock royalty Sisters Doll. In an exclusive interview with me, Lipz talks about his two passions: music and drums.

1. I asked Lipz to introduce himself. His response well and truly set the tone for the interview: “Whaaaatupppp!? Is this thing fucking on……?!?!!! It’s Bryce here. The drummer from Sisters Doll. They call me LIPZ!”

2. What got you into drumming? I’ve been drumming ever since I can remember. I remember dressing up as Peter Criss from KISS all the time and drumming my heart out at 4–5 years of age. As time progressed and I got more serious, I spent most of my time listening to the classic ‘80s Glam Rock drummers — that’s a genre I love — and to this day I haven’t stopped listening to them. My favourite drummers of all time? Tommy Lee! Eric Singer, Travis Barker, Rikki Rocket, Christian Coma, Alex Van Halen & so many more…

America 2012

3. So, how did you learn to play? I’m a self taught drummer; I never took any drum lessons. I remember going [to drum lessons] a couple of times but didn’t learn anything I hadn’t already picked up myself. My dad was in a few cover and original bands while I was growing up, so that influenced me a lot to pick up the sticks every day, head up the back shed, crank the tunes and smash the drums! I used to do that nearly every day of the week!

4. How do YOU write a song? For me, I feel that it’s never really a planned thing to tell you the truth — it comes to you naturally. You come up with a certain melody or lyric to start off. Sometimes when you want to get something off your chest, or express the way you are feeling, that’s how a song can sometimes start. But recently I’ve been experimenting writing songs starting out with a beat and melody on [recording software] Logic and then later adding lyrics and vocals to the track. It’s a cool, creative way to write a song.

Poster shot. Nice Pearl bro.

5. What makes a good song? I think what makes a good song is that it has to have that catchy melody. If you can sing along to it, that’s what makes it. If you can’t leave a club after watching a band without having their song stuck in your head… [that makes a good song]? I dunno, that’s how I look at it, man. Look at all the top 10s… some get annoying as fuck! But you find yourself singing along to them in the shower! (Laughs) A good structure makes a good song, I think. Not making it go for 8 or 9 minutes, unless you’re Dragonforce! (Laughs) At least have a few verses and a chorus — that helps.

6. Your album is great! How was it recorded? Thanks, my man! We recorded our debut album “Welcome to the Dollhouse” in Perth, Western Australia 2–3 years ago at Soundbaker Studios with Rob Agostini. It turned out killer and exactly the way we wanted it. We we’re lucky enough to have won a part of the recording cost in a band competition called AmpFest. We then paid for the rest to complete the album.

The album. Its a classic already. I reviewed it here:

7. Any news on a new album? We’re working on it, man! But we are definitely looking at sometime next year. We have been playing some of the songs that are going to be on the new album at our shows recently.

Drumming for Bruce Kulicks’s 2015 aussie tour.

8. Cool! Can’t wait… Thanks, man! I can’t wait either!

9. How does one get good at drumming? It comes with time and experience. I’ve been drumming all my life but have been professionally drumming in the band for 5 years, have toured the U.S, drummed at some iconic venues and have covered nearly all of Australia and am still playing now. The harder you work, the better and tighter drummer you’ll become.

Is this fucking thing on?!?!?!?!

10. What’s the best piece of advice you can give a young musician? Don’t let anyone in life tell you “NO,” because most of the time they’re jealous because you’re living the life they dreamed of. Believe in yourself and never give up, and don’t let anyone else tell you any different! If you live your life doing what you love, you’ll never have to work another day in your life. And work hard… life isn’t all rainbows and sunshines! Our band has been to hell and back a lot of times. If you’re young, a good musician and feel you’ve got the goods, do it! Don’t second guess yourself. Then you won’t look back in 30 years’ time and think “What if?” And even if you don’t succeed, you can look back and think, “What a ride!” Because that’s all we’re here for right? Only YOU can make it happen, because you’re the one in the driver’s seat. With Sisters Doll, what we’ve created is simply 3 brothers with a dream, passion and love for music. We believed in ourselves and still do to this day. The things we have accomplished so far… 5 years ago if you’d told me, I would have laughed at you. But if you work hard enough and if you want it bad enough, your dreams will come true. A good friend once said to us, “Those who abandon their dreams will try to discourage yours.” So if you imagine it and dream it, then you can become it.

11. Great advice, dude.. very inspiring. Any time, man!

Open up and say ahhhhh!

12 Thanks for the interview. -Jakam. Keep rockin’ & rollin.’ See you at a show sometime bro. Take care, my man… Byeeeeee… Don’t let your MEAT — LOAF!!!!!!!!!!! \m/ LIPZ

edited by Casey Newbold-Kerr. Text Copyright Jakam Kourasanis 2015

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