Mia Joy (The Joy Elevation) Interview

One I did ages ago, when I was still learning my craft. Pulled it out from the vault.

Gibson Les Paul into a Marshall 4x12 JCM 900. Simple, yet effective.
  1. Introduce yourself: Mia Joy. Next project out soon is an acoustic album. The Joy Elevation is more rock.
  2. Whats your sound? The JE have just released an EP “ Stain” I have done one album and 2 other EPs, next album due out in Oct. Our sound is Rock - Heavy Rock.
  3. How did you get into music? My Dad was a musician and I was born into it. Played guitar from 6, piano from 10. In bands and Sang at school. First pro gig was at 16 supporting Paul Kelly.
  4. Not Bad. How was it? It was really cool!!
  5. Of course it was. Best gig you’ve ever done? Played with ZZ Top and Rose Tattoo! That was amazing, played at The Whisky a Go Go with Gus G ( Ozzy Osborne guitarist ) and The Viper Room was really cool.
  6. Worst Gig? Getting arrested in Taiwan during a gig, ( The whole band ) Not knowing if we were going to jail…. we didn’t, we just got deported. Phew.
  7. (JK Laughs) why? We had the wrong working visas
  8. (JK Laughs again). MJ: (Laughs) You have to watch working in a different country. Our drummer unknowingly agreed to get married.
  9. (JK Laughs, yet again). How? MJ: He went out with a girl and over there they call them sponsors, through the language barrier he agreed to marry her, just thinking they were going out. She got very upset to the point of going turning into a stalker, wanting to kill herself ect.
  10. Who are/were you biggest inspirations to play music? Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, Stevie Ray Vaughan , Jimi Hendrix, The Cult and Kate Bush.
  11. Favorite album? Led Zeppelin Two.
  12. What does the future hold for you? Touring with The Joy Evelation. Sign a publishing and distribution deal. Bring out album number 2! Enjoy!
  13. Any Advice for younger musicians? Find what’s different about you and develop it.
Something about a hot chick and a guitar……

Catch everything Mia does at these links: www.miajoymusic.com/ and www.thejoyevelation.com

Text Copyright Jakam Kourasanis 2016.

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