The Menace: My City Review

People are saying good things about the Menace. Old school music, with a current edge. Good mix.

This album seems like a demo. The quality is very raw, but isn’t unlistenable. You can clearly hear all the different instruments and parts, but it isn’t professional quality. Maybe it was recorded in a home studio. With better production, would make a better album. It’s definitely not the worst I’ve heard, and it seems to be mixed alright. But the songs are there. The tracks on the album show huge potential, and with new stick spinner Brad Tsoumbris (replacing ‘Graham’), from Adelaide rockers Speedmachine (who supported Bruce Kulick on his Aussie tour), the band sounds like an awesome live band.

Either way, the album still rocks.

A very good point about this album is, even though all the riffs are power chords, they are all different. Even if its just slightly, they are different.

The guitar tone is rough. It’s not too rough, but there seems to be something harsh about it.

This album reminds of later (80s) Ramones albums, still punk-y but showing a more Hard Rock sound.

The Meance have been rocking Adelaide since 1993 formed by brothers Scott (guitar, vocals) and Stuart (bass).

The band is very tight, and this album reflects that.

A favorite track of mine is My City, its sludgy and slower than the songs before it, but it has a cool riff and chorus. Burn His Soul is very cool too. Crush another great one, and Jack in the Box has a cool riff.

7/10. A cool Adelaide punk rock release. Check them out live. Recommend to Ramones fans.