Bootcamp so far

Two days in,
The pressure is building,
Slowly by slowly I feel myself sinking, 
Sinking in what I failed to finish on day one,
I feel like the previous tasks are here to bite my *parental advisory for explicit content*.

However there is hope,
Not a new hope like the episode of hope,
A deep burning hope within me, one that seeks to overpower the fear,
One that cares to make sure that I shall not falter,
Shall not wander,
Maketh the man in me try forever harder.

Opportunity knock only once they say,
I shall make it a point to utilize that opportunity today,
Finish up the missing tasks from yesterday,
I shan’t wonder, I shant stray,
For I have things to do today.

I beg thy heavenly father to grant me wisdom and strength today,
free me from my transgressions of yesterday,
Enable me heavenly father to have brighter tomorrow, today.

The struggle continues to make the cut,
I press on because after all, why not,
The chance exists to make this work,
I toil on and on.

There’s much to see, learn and type,
By 5pm I usually feel like my brain is ripe,
So from here I say, on and on I go.