Tools that make an entrepreneurs life that bit easier

I’ve learnt a lot over the past 6 months of starting up my own company, Junior Watches. By definition you’d call me an entrepreneur, and these are some of the tools that I’m loving most at the moment so you might also find them useful.


(Note: As a start up business I’m always tight on cash, and I found Mixmax through an AppSumo deal (also a great tool), I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I have to pay full price but I seriously love this service.)

This product has by far the biggest impact on my day to day life. Mixmax is a Chrome plug-in that will revolutionize your emails. Everything from tracking notifications, to sending templates and sequences, scheduling my meetings, literally everything I would want my emails to do — it does.

On the free plan you still get 100 tracked emails, 10 scheduled emails per month, 10 templates and 5 sequences — I highly suggest you should get onto this.

Quill Engage

This is a really simple but really clever product — Quill Engage links directly to your Google Analytics platform and makes everything so simple.

On a weekly basis you will receive an email that in plain english describes everything that is happening on your website. Traffic, referrals, device usage, in extremely simply terms. Like this:

Week-over-week traffic rose from mobile, desktop, and tablet users. The most traffic came from mobile, the top driver of traffic from the previous week as well.

Oh I forgot to mention — its free. That’s right, free. It also has a great option for SEO agencies where they can change all of the branding to make it their own, very clever.

Post on Instagram from your computer. That’s it. Schedule it and leave it, literally that is all there is to it.

I fork out a big $3 a month for this one because I was one of their early adopters and I can tell you it is definitely worth the money.

Google Apps

This seems like an obvious one to me but surprisingly a lot of people are still using Microsoft Word. I actually saw someone have a melt down because their document didn’t save and they lost all of their work — I legitimately had forgotten that this was still a thing. C’mon guys — auto save needs to be a necessity. Docs, sheets, calendar, gmail, slides — it has everything.

My biggest pet peeve about Google Apps is Google+. I actually dislike it a lot and find it infuriating that they try to push it on you.

One of my favourite things is finding software that makes my life easier, and these are some of the ones that I’ve been using for a while now and would recommend to anyone!