Cultural Marxism: How this ideology is destroying the Democratic Party

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What is cultural Marxism?

It can be loosely defined as the advocacy and application of critical theory affecting the cultural, political and academic influences within some elements of the Democratic Party.

In layman's terms, cultural Marxism is the ideology that oppressed groups (minorities, LGBTQ, women, and non-religious) should be elevated in society in an effort to negate the influences of the dominant white, heterosexual religious male.

This theory grew from the Frankfort school in the the 20th Century. This school of thought was in direct opposition of the two dominant political theories at the time, capitalism and communism.

During this period, the United States was in the midst of a tremendous boom in economic prosperity after the Second World War. This period many would consider to be the golden age of the traditional nuclear family in the United States.

The western family structure at this time followed a patriarchal model. The male was the breadwinner and the female stayed at home and tended to the children.

This would all change however in the 1960’s as sweeping social changes based on cultural Marxist ideals would start to erode away at the traditional nuclear family system.

Some of these changes were necessary however. The rigid nuclear family system provided validity and an impetus to promote culture Marxist ideals. The women’s, minority, LGBTQ, and other progressive movements would gain traction in the next two subsequent decades.

You can certainly argue that those movements were necessary and appropriate. The social changes that took place during those two decades changed the world for the better in many ways. I don’t think any rational individual who would argue against equality for all people.

Everyone should have the freedom to choose the life they want to live on an equal playing field.

So, where did this go wrong?

So, how does this relate to the modern Democratic Party?

And how are cultural Marxist ideals destroying the Democratic Party?

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The election of Barack Obama in 2008 should have closed the door on the question of racism in America. We had transcended it! A black man was elected to the highest office in the United States.

It was awesome!

I was there when Barack Obama spoke to thousands of Americans in Grant Park. There was a sense of hope. A sense that a nation of diverse individuals could put aside classical biases and elect a President who was best suited for the job.

The dream expressed by Martin Luther King Jr. had come true.

So we thought!

Fast forward almost a decade later and the dreams of some of those who took part in the Obama celebration victory have been dashed. The events of Charlottesville last weekend show how far we have regressed as a nation. Black versus white, man versus woman, nationalist versus globalist…

Identity politics in this nation has gone from a spark into a conflagration!


There is an old saying that goes something like this — Too much of something is never a good thing.

There was a need for societal reform. Cultural Marxism did provide a vehicle for this. However, the need for cultural Marxism should HAVE ENDED when equality was reached. The seminal moment of the election of Obama should have been the end of the progressive movement. Instead, the Democratic Party has doubled-down on cultural Marxist ideals and now is more in the game for retribution than equality.

This is why the left is so concerned with the dismantling of century old Confederate statues. This is why the left dominated pop culture machine is so focused on “white this” and “white that”. This is why the left is so fast to back and support radical Islam, which has baseline tenets that fly in the face of basic progressive ideals. Because, in the left’s mind, my friend is the enemy of my enemy. It’s all Machiavellian!

When you control the press, the education system and pop culture you can control the narrative.

What you have now are persons below the age of 35 who have never read a book. These same people have been incubated in an educational system that is based on Social Marxist ideals. They have been thought to reject classical thought and reasoning and to adhere to group think.

Ever try to rationalize the election of Trump with a leftist Millennial?

Being able to control the narrative has given the Democratic Party tremendous power. This will also lead to their demise.

There are already signs of this happening.

The election of Trump was a blow to the social Marxist system. Despite all the social and educational conditioning a man was elected who did not adhere to the ideals. In actuality, the election of Trump was a complete repudiation of the cultural Marxist system.

It also seems that the populace is waking up. They are starting to realize that there is something going on with the modern Democratic Party. People are starting to realize that liberal institutions are using cultural Marxist ideals to pay back those evil white heterosexual Christian men.

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It just seems that the modern Democratic Party is more interested in payback than actual equality. They feel that the “oppressors” need to be oppressed to achieve ultimate equality.

Two wrongs don’t make a right!

The sad outcome for the Democratic Party will be irrelevance. The majority of the populace outside the major Democratic strongholds are aware of this and will not be supporting progressive candidates. Swing voters such as myself will never vote for the Democratic platform again as long as they play the identity politics game.

The best advice that could be given to the leaders of the Democratic Party is to purge its leadership and start again from scratch. The party as it is currently constituted will not survive on a platform based on cultural Marxism.

It will continue to lose elections and will fade into obscurity.

That’s the truth!

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