FAQ: Compare and Contrast the MAGA and Progressive Movements

There seems to be a lot of questions in regards to the differences between members of the MAGA movement and mainline Democratic progressives. I have put together this FAQ to show the differences between the two groups.

FAQ — Political Figures

Donald Trump

MAGA: A flawed man who has put his life, family and financial well-being on the line to save the United States from a globalist takeover.

Progressives: A racist, sexist, misogynistic white male who ascended to the presidency with the help from Russia.

Hillary Clinton

MAGA: A wretched, evil woman who colluded with the mainstream media, Hollywood, tech companies, Wall Street and other global entities to try to ensure a victory in the 2016 Presidential election.

Progressives: A feminist icon who valiantly fought against the patriarchy and was denied the presidency due to Russian interference.

Bill Clinton

MAGA: A sick pervert who abused his office to gain personal and financial favors. A man who let the scourge of Islamic extremism grow without any meaningful intercession. A man who sold out our manufacturing base and accelerated the decline of the middle class. One of the worst presidents who has ever held office.

Progressives: Oversaw one of the greatest economic expansions in modern times. A cool cat who has led many philanthropic efforts both stateside and abroad.

Barack Obama

MAGA: A man with a questionable background. Lazy and polished to a tee. Narcissistic to a fault. A weak leader. Absentee president. Weakened the stance of the United States globally. Teleprompter puppet. Used his ethnicity as a tool to divide the populace. Ruled without no regard to the constitution.

Progressives: The first African-American president. The greatest president since John F. Kennedy. A visionary. A great father and leader. A presence on the world stage. A social justice warrior who fought for the oppressed.

Vladimir Putin

MAGA: Untrustworthy. Strong leader. Plays both sides. Russian nationalist. Alpha dog. Preferred Trump over Clinton. Isolated globally. Supports traditional ideals and Christianity. Opposes radical Islamism.

Progressives: A racist, sexist, misogynistic white male who assisted Trump in ascending to the U.S. presidency. Untrustworthy. Anti-LGBT. Anti-Muslim. A dictator. A threat to the U.S. and the global order.

Justin Trudeau

MAGA: A beta-male cuckold who has tried to mimic the social policies of Western European nations. Not qualified for office.

Progressives: A young and brilliant political mind. A progressive visionary. A 21st century political archetype.

Angela Merkel

MAGA: An awful leader who is enabling the destruction of Germany and Western Europe.

Progressives: A great leader! A strong woman who has successfully spread progressive ideals across Germany and Western Europe.

Julian Assange

MAGA: A non-partisan voice who seeks truth and social justice

Progressives: A man who used to do good work who has been compromised by Russia.

FAQ — Political Movements

MAGA Movement (AKA American Nationalism)

MAGA: A movement that puts the needs of Americans first. A movement that believes in English should be the primary language with strong borders and one unified American culture. The movement abhors globalism. It seeks the removal of deep state forces who manipulate the world stage from the shadows. It accepts people of all backgrounds, all races, all sexes and orientations. Supports legal immigration. Supports the military. Supports the existing law and order infrastructure. Believes traditional values are the backbone of a healthy society. Does not discriminate against people who hold progressive viewpoints. Does not restrict opposing speech. Does not violently oppose progressive viewpoints or assemblies. Looks for open dialogue and debate. Open to compromise and growth.

Progressives: A loosely associated group of racists, Nazi’s, sexists, misogynists and Christian terrorists who reject progress.

Progressive Movement

MAGA: A hateful philosophy masked in the veneer of progress. Select groups promoted while others vilified and discriminated against. Emotion based. Supports non-tradional values and opposes vehemently Judeo-Christian based societal systems. Gynocentric. Hates whites, Christians, males and anyone else who disagrees with their point of view. Violent, untenable, and deliberate. Not educated. Naive. Easily manipulated by globalist entities. Sheep.

Progressives: A modern movement of inclusivity. Looking to end the patriarchal system. Pushing for the rights of women, LGBT, and other oppressed groups. Highly educated and successful. Trendy. Willing to stand up for their cause no matter what. Open to violence to suppress opposing hateful viewpoints.


MAGA: A movement to restore British sovereignty

Progressives: A stupid movement supported by poor white people.


MAGA: A political ideology that has failed time and time again. It breeds laziness and leads to societal collapse.

Progressives: A cool and hip ideology! Free healthcare and tuition. Damn those rich people. I want free stuff! Take from the rich and give to the poor. Sounds awesome to me! It seems to work really well in Canada and Europe.


MAGA: An imperfect system. A system that allows personal wealth based on hard work and merit. Free enterprise. Can be abused but generally the best economic system for growth and prosperity.

Progressives: An old and outdated system. A system that benefits the rich and well-connected. A tool of the white male patriarchy. Oppresses women and people of color. Should be replaced with socialism.

Social Justice Issues


MAGA: It does exist! Racism should be rejected universally. It can come in many different forms. It is not exclusive to white on black. The country had grown to a point where an African American could be elected president — twice. The race-baiting rhetoric of Obama has created societal racial tension. As a result, race relations have been set back several decades.

Progressives: We live in a very racist country. It was the racist underbelly that led to the election of Trump. There is no such thing as black on white racism. We need to elevate people of color to counteract the prevalent racist society in which we live in.


MAGA: No one should be discriminated against based on their sex. Males, females and trans-gendered people should be respected and not discriminated against. There is such a thing as male discrimination.

Progressives: The patriarchy is alive and well. We need to elevate women and LGBT people to offset the male dominance in culture. There is no such thing as male discrimination.


MAGA: Was needed to provide more opportunities for women. It has gone from a movement to provide equality and choices to a movement of hate against tradional lifestyles and males. More about female supremacy now than anything else. It is outdated and rigid. It does not promote traditional roles. It encourages women not to marry and to sleep around. It promotes abortion and contraception — which has led to a drop in birth rates in Western nations. Has also led to an imbalance between the sexes and unhappiness on both sides.

Progressives: A movement that is led to great advancement and opportunities for women. A movement that has provided equality in the boardroom to the bedroom. A movement that has freed women from the chains of the patriarchal system. Women are happier than ever!

Organized Religion

MAGA: The backbone of a functioning society. Should be respected. Our country should continue to function under the Judeo-Christian values of our founding.

Progressives: The old established order needs to be destroyed or amended for progress. Traditional Judeo-Christian values are incompatible with modern times.

Radical Islam

MAGA: A threat to the world. A hateful ideology which is bent on conquest.

Progressives: It does not exist.

Free Speech

MAGA: Should be protected at all costs. Everyone should be able to freely express themselves — even if commentary is hateful and offensive. Is needed for societal growth and knowledge.

Progressives: Approved politically correct speech is ok. If you deviate from expected norms you should be censored. Hate speech exists and the first Amendment should be altered.

Right to Bear Arms

MAGA: Should be protected at all costs

Progressives: Gun ownership is an antiquated ideal and should be restricted

LGBT Causes

MAGA: We don’t feel a society should be based on a non-traditional model. However, we are open to compromise as long as it doesn’t go against our own faith and values. The LGBT community should be protected.

Progressives: LGBT causes should place ahead of traditional ones. Anyone who rejects the gay lifestyle should be forced to change to accommodate regardless of their own personal beliefs.


MAGA: Male and Female.

Progressives: No limit to amount of genders.


MAGA: A dire threat to our children’s safety.

Progressives: Love, compassion and acceptance. No restrictions should be levied against pedophiles.


MAGA: Men should act like men. They should respect women. They should lead. They should be in complement with the woman they are with. They should not force themselves to act more feminine. They should speak their mind. They should be sure of their own sexuality. They should oppose weak men who abuse those who are less fortunate. They should protect women. They should call out beta-maleism.

Progressives: Men should resist toxic masculinity. They should get in touch with their feminine side. They should accept subservient gender roles. They should avoid all situations that may lead to aggressive behavior.


As you can see there are a lot more differences than similarities between the MAGA and progressive movements. I don’t think the left has a clear understanding of the belief systems of most of the people on the MAGA side of the aisle. I sincerely hope we can get to a time where both sides can sit down and discuss these differences. By doing so, perhaps, both sides can find come common ground and move forward into a real progressive society.

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