The Hearts of Darkness: Why Do Young Men Turn to Hate?

Violence and hatred always grows from alienation.

This pattern has played out and repeated itself throughout the history of modern civilization. Young, disaffected males always tend to gravitate towards these movements.

The Alt-Right is just the latest iteration of this trend.

The events that took place last weekend in Charlottesville echo the need for all people to show tolerance and compassion towards those with differing opinions. The left has spent the last decade demonizing the straight white male. The constant barrage of “white guilt” this and “white male privilege” that in popular culture has led to the creation of a toxic underbelly that permeates throughout groups such as the Alt-Right.

This toxicity amplifies with every media attack and every perceived bias. As liberal social engineers continue to rewrite the post-modern society these disaffected young men grow depressed and helpless. In efforts to find some sort of identity a lot of these men gravitate to groups that promise a return to white supremacy.

For these men, in a world where there are less employment and social opportunities, these promises provide some sort of hope.

Does this sound familiar?

The same thing has been happening in the Middle East for the last two decades. Countless wars have ravaged the homelands of Muslim men. With nothing left, these men have turned to radical Islam.

This is not just an Alt-Right problem. Or an ISIS problem. The mainstream media has not reported on the legions of Antifa and other leftist radicalized groups who were also present in Charlottesville. These groups have historically shown a penchant to be violent. In fact, many of the violence this past weekend went unreported.

This really goes along with the crux of the problem. Alienation. History shows that when a group of people, men, feel alienated bad things happen. You can look at the Columbine massacre in the late 1990’s up to the rise of Nazism; in fact, when a group is alienated, bad things happen.

So, how to we fix this?

There is no easy remedy for this. The modern left is so entrenched in SJW’ism that much will not change. These radicalized groups will continue to flourish as long as there is plenty of ammunition. The best way to battle radicalism on both sides is to show tolerance for other points of view. Stop blaming whites for the ills of their fore-fathers. Stop identity politics. Just stop it!

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