“My Career Analysis”

I took a class, called Creativity, and this is what I learned.

Throughout the semester I wondered, what does it mean to be creative? That is, after all, the point of the course called creativity, right?
I filled out my teacher evaluation, emphatically asking me if I really did learn how to be creative. Well, of course. That’s why I’m getting an A, right?
I must be creative then. I achieved the gold standard grade, an A, in a college course dedicated solely to creativity. I must be pretty gosh darn creative then, right?
Well then you can me Master Creativity. I like that. The Creativity Master.
Hold yer’ bridges there big guy. Before we go home for the holidays, flaunting that 4.0 GPA, let’s hear it; what is creativity? What can you do with it? How are you actually going to use it?
Well, lets give this a try.

Creativity is looking at a thing in more than one way. Add a little “any” to the thing, and let the list begin:

“Words, sentences, language, speech, stories, relationships, friends, family, parents, siblings, vacations, books, writers, more stories, stories about games, games, board games, shooting games, video games, website games, phone games, technology, robots, computers, videos, art, poems, pictures, paintings, Artprize, Geekgroup, cities, communities, community members, speakers, speeches, projects, papers, degrees, jobs, futures, aspirations, goals, attitudes, mindsets, mentality, relationships, friends, parents, siblings, vacations, improvements, ideas, life… tl;dr.”

There are infinite possibilities of what to look at; and more importantly, there are infinite ways to look at it. It could be anything, looked at in any way. Creative minds look at things in that one way that you didn’t think possible. “Of course! If only I had thought of it that way…”

You could have. Once you recognize the possible in impossible, you can unlock the possibilities. Some call it “thinking outside the box” maybe, “figuring out the game of life”? Whatever you call it, it’s merely a game of connecting the dots. The rules? find dots. connect. Let the games begin.

The first step, and the hardest part of ANY game; read the rules.

Rules are designed to organize the chaos. Without rules, there wouldn’t be games; whoever masters the rules first; wins. Texas Hold ‘Em: start with five cards, play the right hands to win, follow the list of rules. Sports: score more points than the opponent, while following the rules. NASCAR Racing: race around the track faster than the other cars, stay in-between the white lines.

The same principle can be applied to creativity. But this time, there is no manual or rulebook that has the rules laid out in front of you. It’s gotta be done the old fashioned way; live and learn. Life is one fuck up at a time; and from those mistakes, the creative process is stimulated. “That way obviously didn’t work, let’s try something else.”

The rules have been established.

Okay I understand there are rules and laws; what’s next creative hotshot?

Well, you have to establish what your goal is, and how to achieve it; all while following the rules. Without a clear goal, there is nothing to strive for. Motivation comes from the idea of a goal so awe-inspiring that it is worth making sacrifices for. The goal can be anything, for anyone, as big or as little as you can imagine. The bigger the goal, the more sacrifices, the more energy needed. The brightest lights, after-all, come from the hottest fires.

There’s a little cheat-code though.

When you find that thing you love, sacrifices don’t stay sacrifices for long. When you find your love, “your calling,” the plan unfolds right in front of you; it’s the most glorious “ah-ha!” moment of all time. Find what you love, realize what it takes to do it, and doing it. Shia Labeouf style.

If you haven’t found it yet, don’t stop searching. Love is not static; it moves, everywhere. It’s right there, under your nose, bouncing between hobbies, through conversations, in and out of hearts, with people, emotions, memories, experiences. You can choose to accept it, but first you have to change your perspective in the way that you didn’t think possible; making an impossible, possible.

Life throws you lots of curve balls, knuckle balls, slow balls, fast ball, footballs, big balls, beach balls, little balls, golfballs, high balls, ping-pong balls, low balls, tennis balls, and a whole bunch of shitty balls. Get over it. Shit happens. It doesn’t matter which pitch you get; it matters how you swing the bat. Life is throwing you the pitches, whether you like it or not; the only thing you can control is whether you step up to the plate or not.

It is easy to show up to “work” everyday, punch your card in, miserably drudge through your life, waiting to punch out and collect the days reward. This chasing of unfulfilled aspirations is what impedes yours ability to win the game. Call it what you want: starving the ego, feeding the soul, shedding the loose baggage, or “just growing up”. At some point we come to a crossroad in our quest. These crossroads are inevitable, and it comes for all of us at different times. For some it could be very young, and for others very late. Mid-college, mid-highschool, mid-childhood, mid-life crisis. Will you be ready when your time comes? Of course you will, because it comes when you are ready.

There are two ways in which the quest continues; left or right, up or down, here or there, yes or no, half empty or half full. Both paths have huge rewards and even bigger consequences; and you know which path is which. You just have to start walking, one step at a time.

For most, it comes as a monumental moment to step forward, when you wake up one day and come to this realization that you don’t have forever. Life stops for nobody, so you better jump on board sooner rather than later. For me, all it took was this class, and that one great question, what really is creativity?

This class has taught me to start walking my own path. Choosing to live a fulfilling life, half full. An open mindset is imperative to being a creative person, and that is what I learned. Creativity is a mindset, an attitude, and a choice. Whether you choose to open pandoras box or not is up to you. Without life’s worst evils, you cannot have life’s greatest gifts. The world’s most prized possession, the diamond, is forged in the deepest, darkest, coldest corners of the earth. This class has taught me how to start digging. Just grab your shovel, and start digging.

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