Why I’m Done with American ‘Democracy’

The Hillary vs. Trump debacle is perhaps the most compelling evidence many of us have ever seen that democracy is a truly idiotic form of government.

I don’t need to address Trump’s absolute unpreparedness and ineptitude for the office of president, so I won’t. If you are voting for an accused rapist blockhead who thinks factually inaccurate twitter wars are dignified forms of expression, just stop. Go away. You are already proof enough of the idiocy of our democracy.

But I’m not letting the rest of you off either. Even those of you who are planning to vote for Hillary but find it necessary to say at every injunction that you “don’t really like her that much, but…”

Please. 90% of you “don’t like Hillary” just because everyone else is saying they don’t like Hillary. You are afraid to have your own opinion. You are afraid to be seen with the unpopular kid.

A few of you, I grant, might have some legitimate concerns about some general sketchy things that many political leaders in the American system end up doing and mistakes made by people in flawed bureaucracies. You may be frustrated by our electoral system and the fact that, well, parties are parties and some people are asses (cringing at some of that DNC stuff). You may be a foreign policy expert who disagrees with Hillary’s decisions (fair).

And then some of you are so far to the left that I am mostly convinced you must have missed 8th grade American government class and never learned about Federalism.

But the truth none of you want to admit is that every one of you is feeling social pressure to say that you are not with her.

Six years ago you were goo-goo eyed over a picture of Hillary in sunglasses. Memes were flying. You couldn’t wait for her royal badassness to run.

And now, because suddenly Hillary is unpopular, you can’t admit to liking her. After all, that would be too socially risky. Forget that she has put together incredibly brilliant policy proposals on everything from campaign finance reform to mental healthcare to the war on terror. The lady is listening. And she is a damn good lawmaker. Have you heard the CROWD of humans who have worked in Washington that are getting behind her in this race?

The sad truth is I actually think you have. I think in your rational heads you know that Hillary is incredibly prepared for this job and that she would make an excellent lawmaker, given that all presidents so far in history have also been, in fact, imperfect. I think you realize that blaming her for the rightward turn of the Democratic party and her husband in the 1990s is a diversion from issues at hand today. I think you realize that she and Bernie have voted together 93% of the time, and that her policy proposals this campaign are specific, detailed, and progressive. I think you feel like she’d actually make a fine president.

But you are too scared to ask out the girl that nobody else likes.

America is being governed by a fucking middle school cafeteria, and the bully with no real friends may actually win because none of you are brave enough to stand up for the nerdy girl who actually knows how to get shit done.

I’m done with all of you.