Your photo is “shocking, sensational, or overly violent”
Why We Should be Worried About Facebook Censorship
The Doctor Weighs In

It is sad that Facebook felt the need to curate their ad product on the front end instead of letting readers make their own individual decision regarding seeing “fewer posts like this one.”

If that harmless photo was deemed sensationalizing or shocking, I better not see any full-back, shocking uploads of people after their Cupping appointments.

As you touched on in the post, their blocking you from extending your post’s reach just slams the doors in your face as you were at the doorstep of the Echo Chamber willing to pay to disseminate some quality information. Shutting down your distribution attempt in fear of it being offensive, unfortunately, has one predictable outcome – the perpetuation of the isolated Echo Chamber. That, I agree, is a scary thought when considering the implications of the near-future in the Information Age.

updates — Recently produced by ProPublica, a quick video on the social network info highway: