How To Take Good Care Of Our Eyes

The eyes are part of the five most important sense organs in our bodies. They help us to realize the sense of sight that is very crucial in our day to day activities. Therefore, eyes need special care and attention, especially in this era of increased pollution, dust and grime levels. It is surprising how we tend to pay much attention to our skin, hair or other parts of the bodies and ignore that our eyes too need a lot of care. After reading thisarticle, you will realize how important it is to take care of your eyes and how well you can do it.

Eye care will not take much of your time. You only need to set aside some few minutes every day for your eye care. By doing so, you will realize how healthy and pretty your eyes are without crow’s feet and dark circles surrounding the eyes. Your diet is crucial in ensuring proper eye care. Ensure you take lots of fruits and vegetable especially the yellow ones such as carrots, mangoes and so forth. A diet that is rich in beta-carotene can assist you to have healthy eyes.

Routine eye care is also vital for your eyes. The eyes will not be refreshed but their efficiency will be enhanced. You should also take enough rest by sleeping sufficiently. Going for regular exercise is also good for improved blood circulation. Through exercise, your eyes will be supplied with enough oxygen for proper eye functioning. You can also do some simple eye exercises that will be great for maintaining healthy eyes. You can open and close your eyes gently for a thirty-second-time interval. You can also exercise your eyes by rotating them and moving the eyeballs from left to the right to relax the eye muscles, view website here!

Since the skin that is around your eyes is thin and highly vascularized that is full of blood vessels, it is very sensitive to any alterations in the body especially in relation to retention and distribution of water. Drinking enough water is part of eye care as it helps flush out wastes from the body that can harm your eyes as well. You should avoid excessive rubbing of the eyes as the irritation formed as a result can lead to puffiness. Instead of rubbing, it is better to blink your eyelids. You can clean your eyes

with milk or rose water. Ensure that your eyes are protected from direct sunlight or bright source of light. To have more ideas on how to take good care of your eyes, go to

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