This past year ha been eventful. One of the key trends for e-commerce has been the huge increase in online shopping that happened since March, but the online retail was already growing steadily — so will these gains be here to stay, or will it drop back down again once physical stores re-open?

The long running trend

E-commerce has been growing steadily for years, it has in fact never seen a decline. …

The past year has been an eventful one, not least for online businesses. There have been some sudden and unexpected challenges alongside significant growth, and the future looks bright for e-commerce, even more so than before.

Here are a list of the key trends that we’ve seen over the past year and those that in the near future might present the biggest opportunities for online retailers.

1. Huge (Continued) Growth

It will come as no surprise that e-commerce is expected to grow faster than other retail channels in 2021, indeed this has been the trends for some time now.

Even before 2020 e-commerce was…

When you can get free access to drop-shippers from sites like AliExpress and apps like ZenDrop or Eprolo, why join a 20-year old paid directory like Worldwide Brands?

Last updated: 16th February 2021

Worldwide Brands is one of the most popular directories of wholesalers, drop-shippers and other suppliers in the USA. Founded in Florida by Chris Malta in 1999, Worldwide Brands is the first (paid) members-only source of certified suppliers and therefore guaranteed to be legitimate. Back in 1999, this was a big deal.

However, it’s now 2020, and while WorldWide Brands has sustained its admittedly impressive roster of suppliers with about 16 million products, it hasn’t changed with the times. Many more dynamic (and free) alternatives to this directory now exist — but are they better?


Earlier this year ePacket shipments from China to the US were so severely delayed many were taking two months to arrive, but the crisis is over now and new e-commerce opportunities may be too big to pass up

If you ordered anything from Aliexpress back between March and July this year then you probably ended up waiting at least a month for it to arrive.

Gone, we thought, were the days of ‘allow 6–8 weeks for shipping’, even when that shipping was from China, due to the use of ePacket. ePacket may have never been rapid, but it was reasonable…

Studying and running a (few) online businesses and projects sounds like a lot more work than it’s turned out to be.

So fresh from a lecture in contract law, I set about working on some ideas for the first post on my newly set up Medium account. I’m keen not just to follow people, although there’s a lot of really interesting content on here, but to post some things that other Medium users might find interesting.

So what was I going to write about? There were so many options, but I decided that the very first post I make here would just be a simple introduction; about me and what I plan to write about. So here goes.

Me and my…

Jake Taylor

Student, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast!

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