Biz Dev Practice

I have a stack of entrepreneurial books on my table. I have been able to chew through a few of them this summer. I highly recommend the work that the Arbinger Institute is putting out right now.

I love reading those books. I gain so many pieces of knowledge that are immediately implementable.

Implementable being the operative word. Reading, gather, researching…all of which are very important. However, in my opinion, what is more important is the doing. Go do it. Learn on the fly. Practice.

Currently, I am getting a lot of biz dev practice. I enjoy it very much. I find it so creative. But it is the actual practicing of it that really counts. I truly believe that the highest form of learning is experiential. To me, there is just no other better education out there than learning by doing. Experience is the greatest teacher.

There is absolutely no way that I would have been able to learn as much and progress as far as I have in the last year by solely reading books. Again, I love books, I constantly read, but there is just no substitute from the experience of getting bloodied in the ring. Certainly not in terms of the acceleration and speed of the learning.

That is why I consistently encourage my students to start something. Anything. It is the best education that they will get.