Don’t forget to play…

Adults seem to lose this quickly. Work. Work. Work. I have been caught in it too. I am sooooo busy. Forget about it.

Work sucks up lives. People proud of working 100 hour work weeks. I mean, if you have mastered the highest accomplishment of blurring the line between work and play, well, then it is not as crazy. But if you have not, then it is totally crazy.

I have been thinking a lot about the shortness of life recently (reading Seneca). What is the point of working all the time? Really, what is the point? Luckily, I have always been good at play. I was always into extreme sports as a kid, but as an adult, I found circus and the performing arts — one of my true callings in life. I try to spend as much time as possible practicing. It is just so much fun for me. Honestly, I just can’t get any happier than juggling in the shade of a tree in summer, bare chested, warming up to do shows.

It is a beautiful line of blurring work and play. I will never stop being an artist. Until the day I die. I literally have a plan to perform well into my 80s.

That said, doing that at 100 hours a week is not sustainable in my humble opinion. Most importantly, it leaves absolutely no room for latency to take effect. Always grinding, no good. Yes, grind, for less, then go play — do something entirely opposite — I highly recommend that it be outdoors away from screens. That is when the best ideas come — when you are relaxed. Work hard on the problem, then forget about it. It is paradoxical, but all research on how creativity works points in this direction.

And of course, there is family. Spending time with my 3 and half year old son is precious. Time. Time. Time. The most valuable resource. How are you spending it? 100 hours a week of work? It better be damn well worth it if you are missing time with a 3 year old. Like game changing important. If you are just stuck in some cubicle…plot your escape immediately. Post haste!

Go outside and play. It is what human beings did for millions of years. Only in the last 150 years have we been chained down. Work less. Play more.

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