Emphasis on learning by doing…

I am the point teacher on this crazy digital art platform that my students are building in partner with Limbic Media.

I have been trying to be the scrum master to limited success. I am so slammed keeping numerous other projects and teams on track. But this one is a special one.

To me, it highlights the significance and importance of learning by doing. These high school students are building a platform for the world, working in true scrum methodology, learning how to do agile engineering.

Today they got pushed. This is some serious s**t now. We are launching MVP. There is much work to be done. At the moment, it is one janky piece of crap. Nice looking piece of crap, but lots to be ironed out.

Isn’t that what the lean start up is all about? Just get it out there. See what happens. Learn. Change directions. Do what you have to do.

Learning by doing.

The skills that they are picking up are gigantic. It makes no difference whether it succeeds or fails. What truly matters, what is most important, above all else, is whether each one of them performs at their highest abilities. That they improve 100% over the course of the year — as individuals and as a team.

Sometimes, s**t happens.

We might not get to full launch by the end of the year. Doesn’t matter — just as long as we do our utmost to get there and learn.