Entrepreneurship as self-expression…especially in high school…

Recently, I read somewhere that entrepreneurship is about being able to fully express oneself. I like that. And I agree. I think it is valuable for teenagers to learn.

As much as possible, for the last 4 years, I have guided kids into making things happen for themselves. It has been a lot of work, but it has also been so much fun. I have got to work on so many different projects and really see our young learners grow into capable beings getting things done. It has been very rewarding.

This year, there has not been as much natural entrepreneuring as past. There are more freelance activities going on, which is entrepreneur’s sister. One guy wants to be a designer. He is going for it; practicing his craft, getting clients. YES! I help them anyway I can in developing the important skills to learn how to make money without a job, learn to be free, and create the life they want to lead.

I have kids who are making a film and production is so close to being done. I want them to really hustle after it is in the can. I want them to know how to get it out there and get it noticed. I want them to understand that one’s luck is proportionally increased the more connections that one makes in the world. I do not want them to just sit back on their accomplishment and think that the accolades and future opportunities are just going to come dancing through.

To me, it leads back to self-expression. Discussing and sharing one’s work with the world offers a tremendous opportunity to learn deeper about the whys of a person’s craft and their compulsion to spend countless hours doing it. This way, they begin to truly understand their place in the world and how they can contribute to making their dent in the universe. That is what entrepreneurship allows.

One of the ideas I have is to open Entrepreneur High. Open 3 days a week. The other days the kids are meant to be out there making it happen. It could operate quite small. 30–40 kids max. Have an entrepreneur in residence. Keep it funded through tuition, government, and business community.

Think about it. There is no reason why kids cannot start to kick a** very early on. Some need way more guidance than others on how to go about this, but there is no reason why with this guidance in high school, students cannot emerge with the skills to run their own show. Perhaps at some point, the government will actually allow innovation in education to happen. How about starting with multiple ways to graduate? Why is that such a difficult concept for people to grasp?

Imagine having kids go through a 4 year entrepreneur cycle in high school? The things that would emerge from that!? Imagine unleashing those 40 kids on the local community? I cannot think of a greater form of self-expression for a town or city. Since we human beings are having a large negative impact on our natural environment, it behooves us to become the most creative creatures in the history of the universe. This start with allowing kids the necessary self-expression to learn the skills to build THEIR ideas. Most importantly, students need guidance in execution. This is where I have seen the major breakdown in leaping to an entrepreneurial endeavor.

4 years is an undergrad. Most undergrads are worthless in my humble opinion. That statement ruffles so many feathers, but honestly, I think back to my undergrad in East Asian Studies, and there is nothing that I could not have learned by myself. I actually learned 10x more living in East Asia, reading all of the books while actually seeing the temples, sites, etc. I see no reason why a super motivated group of kids cannot learn all the major skills to work in most industries in 4 years time (from grade 9–12). Not all are capable of this, and that is fine. But the ones who are, wow, some amazing things could be accomplished.

I have proof. I have already been doing it and have numerous examples. The structure would be different from the one that I now currently operate in, but the principles would be the same: get out there and make it happen.