Fast learning…

How can we learn fast? That is the question.

Really fast. Super fast. Damn fast.

I am convinced that this is the most useful key to any organization or individual going forward. There is just too much going on; there is too much being created.

This is what I am most interested in. This particular question. For many years now, I have asked my high school students to inquire deeply into areas of their own choosing. I have been able to facilitate some rewarding, and successful learning experiences.

A person must practice what they preach. I am constantly doing inquiry: following side paths, reading a ton of material, experimenting, creating, collaborating, and more…

What it always comes back to though for me is the question above: “How can we learn fast?”

I have many solutions. I love the idea of this challenge for organizations and people. How can I make a team learn as fast as possible to anticipate our hyper-changing environment? It totally fascinates me.

I have been able to put many of my ideas into practice through mentoring high school entrepreneurship as well as my own startup, Island Circus Space. I truly feel that I have learned how to learn super fast. Not only that, but be able to apply it to teams both large and small. I want to help you. I am really interested in consulting. The more I practice, the more I would like to help and share my findings.

What fascinates me most, is that each team, organization, individual is different and have unique objectives, metrics, and follow-throughs. I feel confident that I can analyze an organization, assess its learning needs, and develop a strategy that gets fast learning results.

More to come…