Getting rid of limiting factors…

I have been inspired by Matt Mullenweg.

Every year, he writes a birthday post to be able to reflect on where he was at. We forget about things all the time. It is important to be reminded of what one was thinking throughout their lives. A birthday is a good time to make that happen.

41 for me was kind of a crazy year. High stress. A s**t load of things on my plate. That said, I gained huge experience in a number of different areas.

Turning 42, there is one limiting factor in my life that I have identified that needs to be eliminated:

  1. Going down the negative spiral.

I always get heavily involved in everything I do in my life. There is little to no separation between my work and play. I take it all seriously. Sometimes way too much. I can tailspin out of control down a negative vein, cursing processes, people and no progress. It is unproductive. What I cannot avoid is being honest. Plus, I absolutely must innovate and attempt to hit the edges of what is possible. I just can’t help it. It is who I am. Only now, am I realizing that it is up to me to put myself into those conditions. When I am not there, get there — just do not go down the negative spiral. I have to consciously remind myself not to get into the spiral. Be honest. Be candid. Just don’t go down the spiral of complaining about s**t to other people. Just get on with it. Again, make, or find the conditions conducive to being able to innovate limitlessly.

As I look back over my life and all of the vast professional experiences that I have had, I can see in some, not all, cases of this negative downward spiral. What is fascinating though, the thing that continues to save me time and time again is that I truly care and I give everything I have got all the time. I just genuinely want to make it happen. Luckily, his has allowed me to mend relationships with everyone that I have had conflict with after the fact. For this, I am grateful. While I am in the thick of it, I get too caught up. My heart is there, it is the way I handle things that I need to do better.

I just have to stop going down the negative spiral because of the impact it has on other people. Period. I truly hope when I read this one year later at 43, it is so.

I will be ecstatic if I can change this during my 42nd year of life. Blessings and Peace.

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