I just joined a powerful team…

Today was my first day on the job at Limbic Media. I am energized.

They have a tremendous development team who are doing some truly incredible work — like cutting edge machine learning and designing and manufacturing the world’s most advanced lighting system.

I am working in business development, growing cash flows. There are only 2 of us on the team, and I really like my partner. She is kick a**. We are going to do some important work together. We are directly linked to the two founders, as we are all in it to grow the business. So, already just today, I have been learning valuable lessons in business and the tech industry.

As a creative, I love being part of the process to make things happen. To have a say and be heard. With direct access to the leaders of the company, I was able to ask questions, and influence outcomes. Mostly though, I just listened. I have so much to learn. This experience is going to be a massive leveling up of my entrepreneurial abilities. I am responsible for taking a product global. I am thrilled, although sometimes it feels a little daunting.

No matter what, I will give it everything I got. I always do. As I was being on boarded today from the intelligent and lovely scrum master, I was happy to know that at the heart of Limbic’s culture is transparency and health. That makes me so happy. I am also super stoked to be back to working in scrum and agile. They are my favorite processes. Most importantly though is the focus on wellness. It is not just given lip service, I can apparently see that it is deeply woven into the fabric of the place. Flexible scheduling allows for more happiness.

There is so much to do. Tomorrow, an important client is flying in from Texas and the team is going to demo hardware, software, apps, and more. We are going to discuss and negotiate a partnership. Exciting second day on the job.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about the Earth’s most advanced lighting system. More posts, videos, and imagery coming soon…