Last day on the job…

Today is my last day in K-12 education (for the foreseeable future any way).

It has been a good run. I have learned so many things — especially how to work with people from wherever they are coming from and help them achieve their goals. It has been incredibly rewarding. I have built strong relationships and I have had a large influence on our future leaders.

However, the time has come to move on. I am also an entrepreneur, developing side hustles and businesses. It is time I step into that full time. I am looking forward to my new role at Limbic Media as their Chief Evangelist, taking the company global, helping change the world, and bring in solid cash flows.

There are no limits on what I can do there. That is what I have found the most difficult thing about teaching — there are limiting factors in terms of upward mobility and responsibility. I love teaching high school, I really do, but after many years, there is nowhere really to go. I have no urge to become a principal or a superintendent. I would be happy to lead a school or a district in education change, but the amount of hellish data entry that is required is just not worth it for me.

For now, it is full immersion into entrepreneurship to increase my skill set and see how far I can go (I have never been good with having limits placed on me). I love learning, and I am excited to develop myself to become a CEO or a CLO (Chief Learning Officer).