Launching a new business…

Going for it. Why not start right now?

I have been performing for quite a long time. I have tested material, experimented, tested, failed, and experimented some more. It is unending! Through that, I have built a show that people absolutely love. It taps into universal truths that work for both the young and old.

My plan is to re-brand into JW Productions. New website, ordering cards, writing copy, it is on.

The strategy is to target the local corporate scene here with my show. And the scene is prosperous and growing fast! This city is booming!

I build up clients over 2–3 years using my material, gain their trust, and then transition into producing large budget shows for them. Every company has an event every year. The reason they do this is to gather their people. To unite. If they are doing it wisely, the organizers will ensure they do something memorable to ensure the theme of the evening is not forgotten.

This is where I step in: creatively designing a show from scratch that will only ever be performed for them that one time. I would say that is valuable.

And I see no reason why I can’t start right now.