Maximum Effort…

Maximum effort is what I like to see. Especially from high school kids. I find it truly rewarding to see young people pushing their limits.

I saw it today.

As a circus artist, I do my best to keep myself in peak physical condition. I love taking kids to go train, play sports, or develop physical art. Inside of that, I love when kids give it all they got, no matter what. No matter who is watching. No matter where they are starting from. It makes me happy when I see this maximum effort.

This one student, grade 9, was giving it all in the gym this afternoon. He is a gangly kid, who is going to grow into a large adult. If he keeps at it, he is going to be exceptionally strong by grade 12. That is what I am talking about! Health and strength are the values that hold all other values together. I like to instill these values in our students and our community.

This guy was lifting as far as he could go — straining his potential. YES! One exercise after the other, he just kept asking for more, so I kept pushing him. He did as much as he could. There is just no mistaking maximum effort. It is readily apparent in the contorted face of trying to do one’s best.

This is the sweet spot for any teacher or mentor. It is arguably the most rewarding thing — to pass on expertise and experience to help another human being. It just feels good.