Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

The experience that I have had in education at the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry has been unique and has allowed me to practice principles that come from sources of huge inspiration.

We all know the education system needs to change. It was created 150 years ago and has not changed much in that time. There are many out there that have articulated this fact much better than I can.

If you have not read or heard of these people, I believe you should put this down immediately to read, watch and listen to these leaders in the field who have altered the way I see and practice learning.

I follow all of them on Twitter and subscribe to their updates. It is an incredible form of ongoing professional development as I can see what edges they are pushing to and use it in my own work in real time.

Seth Godin:

One of the all time greats. He can see things so much further than I can. I am doing my best to be able to see as far as Seth. If you have not read, “Stop Stealing Dreams”, then again, I encourage you to put this down and read that treatise first. It is where a lot my background, passion, and zeal come for hurling myself into changing the education system.

Roger Schank:

I always enjoy Roger’s posts as he is so provocative and I love his take no prisoners approach. A super accomplished man, his book, “Teaching Minds: How Cognitive Science Can Save Our Schools” is a must read for any teacher wishing to embark on a path to changing education. I strongly believe in his ideas about organizing and assessing learning through cognitive processes rather than courses.

John Seely Brown:

One of the top innovators of all time. I enjoy his work so much and constantly devour any literature that he puts out there. His book, “A New Culture of Learning” is also a must read for anyone working in education today and if you are in business, his work in the Chief Learning Officer realm is required reading.

Of course, I have learned many things and pulled numerous ideas from other people, but these are my big 3 that I ensure that I am up to speed on what they are up to speed on.