Thinking about systems building…

Most of the time, I have rebelled against systems.

I just finished reading the 5 Hour Work Day, and I have to tell you, I like that system very much.

There are those of us who love building things. Makers gonna make. Why would we stop? I don’t ever plan to retire. I love building businesses. Doing shows. Teaching people. Working in teams. Creating something from nothing.

In order to achieve longevity, it is necessary to become as productive as possible within a specified time period. And then not work. Live. Enjoy life. Keep healthy and happy. What an advantage. Imagine working from 8 to 1.

That sounds like a good system to me.

How can we all find massive productivity gains to reduce work hours? I like that question very much. Currently, the work that I am involved in is highly effective, but totally inefficient. How is it going to scale? What systems are needed to prevent burnout? Or not have to rely on a team of superstars?