To become a great writer…

It is so hard to be a great writer. I thought I was pretty good, but then I began to write a book and share it with my friends who are professional writers who have given me incredible, critical feedback. It has been by far the fastest level of progression that I have had in my writing.

Writing a book is a huge challenge. I am a voracious reader and it seems from the sheer volume of books published every year that it would be easier than it is to write a book. But it is so hard. I have gone over the same sections dozens of times and I am still finding things to craft better. Just when I think that it is as good as it can possible be, I send it to my writer friends and they make it even tighter. It has been a rewarding process. It is an art form that calls to me. I love telling stories. I really look forward to having more time in the future to write screenplays. I find it wildly creative.

At the moment, the book I am writing is about my experience attempting to change education. I was thinking that I should develop a business around consulting. That is definitely not the sole reason why I am writing the book, but I have always been interested in consulting and I feel that the knowledge that I have gained is valuable and useful for schools looking to change. At the same time, I am moving into a fascinating entrepreneurial endeavor that may just have me being CEO of a company in a few years time. I would very much like this experience and I should throw all of my firepower into that instead of developing a consulting side hustle. I already have a hustle as a performing artist and I do alright.

Most importantly, I just need to write. That is what this blog is for me. Recently, I tried to commit to free writing 3 pages daily. I can’t commit to the 3 pages daily as I have so many other crafts that I am developing at the moment, but I do want to give the art of writing its fair share. I can definitely commit to 3–5 short posts per week. Writing is an essential element of being the best communicator that I can be. It requires practice just like anything else. It is what I try to tell my students. I must practice what I preach.