When you see talent…

That is the thing about teaching…when you see a kid so natural at something, like they were given this special talent, it is just a wonder to see.

I am making a show with a bunch of high school kids. We have worked on it for months. I have done my best to try to pull the entire school into it. Some kids bailed right away. Some kids have to be voluntold for their own good. Some teenagers cannot see where they need to go. They need guidance in forming their skills. Sometimes, this needs to be a, “you’re just doing it because I know you will learn an incredible amount from this experience and it will grow your talent.”

It is always rewarding to see kids step up and make a big commitment. Not just kids, but any team anywhere, when everyone has bought in and understands the importance of shipping their work — of having to be open to the public, it just always ups the level that one commits to.

Today was our last music rehearsal. I am delightfully surprised…no…actually…blown away by how beautiful, cool, and exciting the girl’s voices are. All the tunes are expertly crafted, most of them original. There is this one girl, who was born a musician. The proficiency which she understands music, both technically and artistically, and even more so, from the soul, is amazing. Her range is boundless, especially her highs. She writes great music that has been rolling through my head all afternoon.

As a teacher, it is an honor to have the opportunity to impart performing wisdom and be able to direct their abilities. I think everyone who comes to the show is going to be dazzled just by the music alone. The crazy thing is, is that I have this other girl who is graduating this year who is an incredible poet. We have worked closely together for 4 years developing new performance work. This show is the final culmination of her experiences over her high school career. She is the main character of the play and has 4 big, spoken word pieces that are all absolutely brilliant. Again, just a pleasure to be able to pull all of this together and produce something gigantic that the kids will never forget. Isn’t that what it is all about?

If you are in Victoria, BC, come check it out: