Working. Creating.

At the moment, I have key creative projects in the works that are bringing me joy and fulfillment.

One of those projects is writing a book on my experience over the last 4 years of trying to shift the education paradigm in British Columbia, Canada. I have hugely increased the level of my practice. The act of writing a book will solidify the learning that I have done.

Soon, I will be moving to Limbic Media to develop their global business. I am so looking forward to it. The entrepreneur in me is salivating. I love hustling. Some people find it a chore, not me, I find it enjoyable. The learning that I have already been doing around this new line of work has been exhilarating.

Part of my evil plan is to have a consulting business on the side, collaborating with school districts, private schools, school everywhere to offer my experience in changing education. I am extremely passionate about education change. Writing the book is helping me to understand what I want to say. I have just been sending it out to some of friends who have written books and they have been offering super useful feedback. So much work! What crafting! But it is so much fun.

It is a good thing to because I have 3 more books I need to write as soon as this one is done. I love creating. I love writing. I have since I was a kid. Back to it…

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