Last night was the NFL Draft and people are pissed

So the Bears traded up from the 3rd pick to the 2nd, giving up three other draft picks in order to draft Mitchell Trubisky with that 2nd pick.

I don’t follow college sports so I don’t really know anything about Trubisky, but there are a whole lot of opinions flying right now about the Bears trading up to draft the QB, most of which are the belief this was a dumb move by the team to give up so many picks to get Trubisky.

I may not know anything about this incoming draft class, but I do know the Chicago Bears. This is a bad team that needed a ballsy move like this. I was just reading through a Reddit thread regarding the Trubisky pick and it seems to be the minority opinion that it was actually a good move and I am in this minority. The quarterback is the most important position in football and the Bears just drafted one they believe will be their franchise player at the position. I am just going to trust that Pace knows what he is doing because that is all I can do.

I am also seeing a lot of people comment that this made no sense for the Bears since they just paid Glennon big money to be their starter. I cannot argue with that, the team is paying Glennon a lot of money. However, let’s keep in mind the contract is a three-year, $45 million total contact, but only the first year is guaranteed, with a team option after year one. Glennon will get $16 million in the first year of this contract, but will in all likelihood, still be the starter for the Bears going into the season instead of moving Turbisky to the top of the depth chart

So with the way Glennon’s contract is structured, he will get big money year one, but the team can opt out after that and move forward with Trubisky if he proves himself ready.

So I really don’t get the anger over the Bears’ first round choices. Who really expects Glennon to become the team’s franchise quarterback? I am fine with the team starting Glennon to see what he can do given the QB1 job, but let’s not trick ourselves into thinking he was the quarterback solution. Mark Sanchez isn’t the answer either, he is just the guy now known for the fantastic butt-fumble play:

The one thing I can see fans being upset about is what the Bears had to give up in order to move up that one spot in the draft. The team gave up three other draft picks to move up to the 2nd pick. But have we forgotten that in 2012 the Browns gave up four draft picks to the Vikings to move up one pick in order to draft Trent Richardson at the 3rd pick? Maybe people thought this was dumb at the time too, but it’s not like the Bears are the first team to move up one pick in the draft to get the guy they view as franchise altering. Granted, Richardson was a huge bust, but we have not even seen Trubisky play in the NFL yet.

It also seems that people think Trubisky would have still been available with the third pick and the Bears did not need to trade up. Maybe he would have, but it is also very possible that other teams were interested in moving up to take him and the Bears made the right move to get what they view as their future franchise quarterback.

Besides, there are not that many quarterbacks that are immediately NFL ready come game 1 anyway. Let Trubisky sit and develop for a year or two and let’s see where the team is at. The Bears are still way off from becoming a playoff contending team, so why not let the team’s young talent develop.

Take Jared Goff for example. Even though he was the #1 draft pick last year, he is going to take some time to develop. Sometimes athletes take further time to develop in order to compete at the pro-level.

Mostly, I am just very apathetic to this whole deal because the Cutler-era has broken me as a football fan. I don’t really care if Trubisky does not become a franchise QB because the Bears have been bad for a while now and it has left me dead inside. Sometimes the only way to get better is to take chances like this.

One final thought: Is this now deleted tweet not the type of thing a real football guy would say?

Yes this is from 2011, but I think it is very important to point out what a wordsmith Mitch is. Bears fans can’t just go from Smokin’ Jay Cutler to someone that is a respectable and proven athlete, we need someone that isn’t afraid to show how much of a guy’s guy they are. Is there a font for sarcasm?