I’ve had it with this team. The Bulls’ front office has no clue what they are doing. There is no point in following a team that cannot improve when the team’s executives are completely inept. Pairing Rondo-Wade-Butler was a terrible fit, yet somehow those guys got the team into the playoffs. Now they have traded away the team’s best player in Jimmy B. This team is getting worse by the second and their is no sign of hope for Bulls fans.

The Bulls have clearly decided to go for the rebuild by trading Butler, but to also give up their own 16th pick in the trade is just ridiculous. The Bulls trade-raped themselves. Just because the Bulls finally realized the Celtics were not willing to part with the #3 pick does not mean one should look move Butler for 50 cents on the dollar just to force a rebuild by taking a lesser deal.

So now the Bulls are looking at a return of Kris Dunn, Zach LaVine, and the 7th pick, which was used to draft Lauri Markannen. This is not equal value of Jimmy Butler and the 16th pick, or even Jimmy alone. Even though Dunn has only played one season, that rookie season was crap. LaVine is coming off a torn ACL, and may never regain his same athleticism which was his greatest asset to begin with. As for Markannen, I don’t know who this dude is, but I’m not too interested in a 7-foot, 3-point shooter that can’t defend.

I really think the Bulls will be a bottom-5 team in the NBA next season. That will help the Bulls get high draft picks in the near future, but there is also no chance that GarPax will be able to rebuild this team. They just took Markannen for shit’s sake.

For these reasons, I am taking my talents to Minneapolis to be reunited with my beloved Jimmy Butler and the great Tom Thibodeau.

On a different note, as a new Timberwolves fan, I am very excited to watch Wiggins and KAT continue to grow. I hope to watch KAT blossom into the future Hall of Famer we all expect him to be. Under the leadership of Jimmy Buckets, I expect the T’Wolves will finally return to the playoffs in 2018. Their future is so bright. I forgot what that feeling was like.