Week 4 — Evaluating Social Media Options

Pros and Cons of Social Media Integration

There are many pros and cons to integrating social media into a business’ website that could help the business grow or potentially see it falter. The potential pros a company could see out of successful social media integration into their website is a much more varied and extensive client base, a way to communicate to their customers whenever they need to, and a way of gathering new clients through the information that is readily available. As well as pros there are some cons that can come with social media integration as well that may not significantly out-way the pros but they still need to be taken into account like monitoring the social media and gaining the wrong sort of attention through there social media sources.

Good and Bad Uses of Social Media

A lot of companies these days make the most out of many social media functions that can be implemented into their website to gather new clients and communicate with their pre-existing clients, some do it well and some do it not so well. Some examples of good social media implementation are websites like Spotify, Fords social website, and Adventure World. All of these websites integrate social media into their websites very well even though there ways differentiate a lot. Many websites don’t integrate their social media optimally and fall short of the mark they were hoping to achieve simply because they start promoting social media channels that they don’t use or use in the wrong way which is losing them clients.

Goals for Successful Social Networking Integration

My goals for social media integration in this assessment for the client is to provide all the social media needs that they have requested in their documents as well as ‘talking’ to the client to see if they would like any other social networking functions added into their website like some Twitter features of LinkdIn features. I will potentially have some Facebook share buttons on some of the posts as well as some Tweeting functions so that the client can potentially tweet what sort of haircut they would like to their followers as well as a way for clients to ‘check-in’ with a Facebook feature.

Potential Social Media Options

The client has stated in their documents that they would like to have a Facebook page created for their business, have that integrated into their website and have some sort image sharing social network (Instagram) integrated into their website as well. I will be talking to the ‘client’ to see if they would like to have some twitter integrated into their website so they are able to reach more clients and have the capability to gain new clients and will add alot more social activity to their business.

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