If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

This is the 3rd article this week I’ve read that attempts to vilify supporters of 3rd party candidates in this election. The demonization of choice has officially begun.

Supporting a 3rd party candidate does not make a person a Moral authority. And it does not speak to the inherent integrity of a person. There is nothing particularly Special about throwing your support behind a candidate like Jill Stein. But there IS something commendable about taking the time to Educate yourself and prioritizing your Conscience when making a choice in this election. Coincidentally, these are things that Everyone ought to be doing anyway. Informing yourself on the issues is not a waste of time. Listening to your conscience is not some new-age concept. It’s COMMON SENSE. If you are not doing those things, then you have NO room to criticize the choices or intentions of others.

To Sasha and to those who agree with her- demeaning Independents to selfish, egotistical, superficial, hypocritical, attention-seeking millennials is both PATHETIC and WEAK. For those of you who hope to bully and intimidate Independents into voting “your” way, let me warn you- you have chosen the WRONG group of people to strong-arm. Because unlike a plurality of your party’s base, you are picking a fight with a demographic that is largely Informed and Educated on the issues. You’re picking a fight with those who are undaunted by the status quo or what’s considered “popular” or “strong”. You’re picking a fight with those who aren’t gullible enough to swallow the words and promises of their candidate without researching their legitimacy. But perhaps most importantly, you’re picking a fight with people who are Not responsible for yielding the two least favorable candidates in American History. That is on YOU. Not us.

To everyone who attempts to sell the absurdity that Independents are to blame for what happens this November, you will Not win that argument. History will remember this as the ugliest and most embarrassing excuse of an election because of who YOU chose to be your parties’ nominees. Playing the blame game is a natural instinct for those who feel threatened. But insulting and bullying those whom you require the assistance of is a accurate representation of the lack of forethought you’ve put into the election thus far. Instead of taking up your candidate’s mantle of hurling insults and dated stereotypes, try leaning on facts and credentials to convince us that we’ve chosen incorrectly. Then, you may have a discussion.

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