How Lagos Grassroots’ Election Goes Down?

As early as 7:00am on Saturday, July 22, 2017 electorates were coming in their numbers and gathering in groups at the polling unit.

Aside known reason of electing honourable men and women into highly coveted position, election-time is a period re-union for many.

However, while those who were one -time friends but have seen each other for a long period were exchanging banters and pleasantries, on the other hands, some were discussing their preferred candidates and who is best qualified to vote for.

Meanwhile, erstwhile lovers were hanging out together like old times.
A varied number of persons came out en-mass to exercise their civic responsibilities.

Young and old people impressively converged at the election designated venue to determine their local council’s fate for the next couple of years. Visibly, female were more in number than their male counterparts.

While these lasted, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) officers arrived, with the election materials. Alongside, the Policemen also appeared to condone peace and order, as its the custom in all Nigeria’s elections.

No sooner than their arrivals, the voters began milling round and hurriedly formed a long queue in preparedness for voting.

The INEC presiding officers setup their instruments and sat down, with each party agent at a standby to monitor activities.

The elections for representatives into the Local Council Development Areas-Chairmen, Councillors began in earnest, all across other wards in the whole of Lagos State.

The major parties contesting in the unit I witnessed are the ruling party, All Progressive Congress, APC, the Labour Party, LP, and the Accord Party, AP, respectively.

To my consternation, the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, was missing out in the voting paper handed over to me, which left me wondering reasons for this.

After inquisition, I was told by a fellow voter that it might not be unconnected with supremacy battle at the federal level.

So, one can infer that the Labour Party, LP, is the next party to look out for, come 2019 elections, in Lagos State, because they are party of choice aside PDP in Lagos, currently.

During my observation, at the unit, I noticed that elections in Lagos State is not yet at par with what is seen in other climes of the Western world. On the other hands, the change mantra preached by the incumbent government leaves much to be desired!

While voting was underway, money was exchanging hands freely, with the voters. Pathetically, some electorates were demanding for tips from candidates’ mercenary prior to casting their votes.

A mercenary, that I saw, was giving N1000 for two voters after doing his bidding. In addition, there was impersonation of voters voting in multiple times, to name a few crimes committed.

Thus leaving me dumbfounded!

Likewise, street urchins and candidates’ foot soldiers were busy performing multiple voting, as much as six times.

Nigeria is not yet an Utopian society, regarding how we elect our representatives into power.

Therefore, we, as a nation, still have a long way to go.
Little wonder why those representing us never cared whose horse is gored the moment they assumed power. Reason is because they’ve paid the due to voters by offering them stipends, earlier.

It is high the attitude of Nigeria masses changed totally, that election time is not a period to amass wealth from office seekers, but to elect men and women of integrity.

In conclusion, I laud the electorates that trouped out for elections, either with genuine reasons or otherwise, because they did better that than young men that never partook in the call of national duty.

Lastly, youths that saw no reason to register, obtain voters cards and eventually do the needful must reconsider their decisions because they’re not doing well enough.