Open Letter To My Friend, Who Just Resigned

Twenty Children cannot play for twenty years- African Proverb.

Dear Henry,

With heavy heart I’m writing this letter to you bidding you goodbye.

Recounting how we became friends, in 2015, after you returned from an assignment. Having heard so much about you before your arrival, I was awed at your arrival.

I remembered how you assisted me in navigating through a nagging project, Network Discovery, to remotely access a file on another server, leveraging on WIFI. You exposed me to networking world, in no little way.

Moreover, you inspired me to code in line with industry standards by adhering to design patterns.

Though, you, being not a blogger but having developed wordpress app for clients, you equipped my blogging dexterity with skills and ideas by leveraging on themes beyond measure.

In my unit as it were, there were two families: Rasheed-Chineye family and Jacob-Henry Family. Wumi, our team lead, was always an umpire that sat on the fence to resolve conflicts.

Every now and then, banters always ensued between the two families over romantic overtures, I playfully made to Chineye, a prim damsel that dazzles everyone in the office.

While Rasheed, often time, took side with her sister, Chineye, from another mother, on the other hand, Henry as well stood in my defense.

Now that you’re parting ways with me, who will be there for me?

Anyway, we met here by chance and we always hope for the best for each other; so, I believe it’s for the best that you‘re moving on.

Change is a constant thing life.

Ugokwe, I feel like crying but I won’t knowing fully well that “when path changes, new life begins.”

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future –John F. Kennedy

Farewell, bro.


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