“Renewable Energy 101” report shows universities how to move away from fossil fuels

One of Carleton College’s two wind turbines is expected to provide about 25 percent of its electricity needs.

Read our new 11-step guide on moving your campus to 100 percent renewable energy here.

For many people who work on the issue of climate change — from the scientists who document our warming world to the advocates who push for mitigating public policies — the report released last month by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) seemed to galvanize people more than reports of its kind have in the past.

Maybe it was the severity of the IPCC’s warning that hit home for so many. The report detailed a “strong risk of crisis” by 2040 if humanity doesn’t…

Jake Taber

Clean energy fellow with Environment America @EnvAm. @TuftsDaily alum. Colleges can get to 100% renewable energy and so can America.

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