Of Object and Sign and Meme

What We Know

At 5pm EST on November 17, 2016, the world was in order. One could legitimately speak of a shoe as a Shoe and a drawing of that Shoe as Shoe^x. I would doubt, however, that the drawing Shoe^x could seriously replace one’s shoe. You can’t wear a drawing.

At 6pm, America quietly fell into disorder. Suddenly Shoe^x and your own shoe were interchangeable. Object and the memey variety of simulacrum existed in dead tandem.

At 7pm, all meaning was lost. Simulacrum replaced object, I wouldn’t dare attempt identify my shoe, and ‘Biden Memes’ outpaced ‘Joe Biden’ in Google searches.¹

By 8pm, order was restored. But our collective oscillating, in and out of discernible reality, had only begun in those critical hours on Nov 17.


What Comes Next?

And so now we must ask ourselves: what should we expect in a landscape increasingly devoid of meaning, but increasingly fertile for Memeing?

For the time being, foresight seems futile. Traditional modes of prediction projected an easy Clinton victory in the 2016 election. We, avid consumers of digestible and supposedly scientific premonition, accepted as reality that which took into account Object and Sign (Trump and Trump’s reputation) without so much as taking the time to sniff the blooming shit-flowers of 4-chan, save to confuse Pepe with a swastika.

So what’s left to do? Explore. Here’s to killing Joe as Nietzsche killed God, embracing our Overman Meme, and, as Trump says of well established Islam, we’ve must “figure this whole thing out.” So here to it!