Ex. 5.9


Who: Air force major, What: Jet aircraft crashed, When: Happened Monday at noon, Where: At the Super Shopping Mall parking lot, Why: pilot accident, How: jet aircraft crashed

Blind Lead: An Air Force major was killed Monday at noon at the Shopping Mall parking lot and 15 cars were destroyed after his aircraft crashed into them.

City Council

Who: City council, What: 10 percent increase in city property taxes, When: rates will take place first of the month, Where: meeting location, Why: tax will used to pay for doubling the size of the city park, How: Go up by about $50 yearly

Blind Lead: The city council met this morning to increase 10 percent city property taxes which causes average taxes to go up by about $50 yearly and it will be used to pay for doubling the size of the city park.

University Raises

Who: faculty and staff, What: announcement of 15 percent pay raises, When: takes effect this fall, Where: press conference on the front steps of the university administration building, why: give faculty first raise in two years, How: increased revenues from the state

Summary Lead: : Harold R. Drazsnzak announced that this fall all faculty and staff will get a 15 percent pay raise for the first time in two years because of the increased revenues from the state.

Journalism Student Meet

Who: Journalism Student Association, what: boycott, When: today at noon, Where: meeting location, Why: tuition will increase by 10 percent, How: organizing next meeting and boycotting all journalism classes tomorrow to protest

Straight Lead: Two-hundred of the Journalism Student Association met at noon today to talk about future meetings and to organize a boycott of all journalism classes tomorrow to protest the 10 percent fall tuition increase that will begin in the fall semester.


Who: a 53 year old pipe fitter worker, What: suffered from third-degree burns, When: at 3 p.m, Where: on a power line at Petal Power Plant 222 Power Drive, Why: accident, How: He touched the power line

A 53 year old pipe fitter worker suffered from third-degree burns after he was working on a power line at Petal Power Plant.

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