by Fabio Toste, Senior Creative Developer at Jam3.

Fabio has been working as a dev/software engineer for 18 years, working on projects from WebGL, to AR/VR, installations, apps, interactive experiences and games.

Jam3 Labs

Part of our bread & butter at Jam3 is to generate innovative ideas, separately from client work, that can sometimes be technically challenging and require intensive research. Jam3 Labs is where we take all those great ideas and make them happen in quick R&D sprints.

In this article we’re going to talk about AR, so let’s start by defining what it is.

What is AR?

AR (augmented reality) is a technology…

An extended version of a conversation between HYPEBEAST China and creatives from around the world, including Jam3 Creative Director Roger Dario and Strategist Caroline Leung.

A website we created to promote the launch of the adidas Ozweego sneaker.

With the global expansion of social networks & increasingly creative ways to use data, the marketing rules are being rewritten. In the era of big data, there are more and more variables in the entire marketing system. This complexity has caused the entire system to slowly start to lose focus, with marketers unsure about how to use the dozens of channels at their disposal.

In this context, if a fashion/trend brand wants to express its…

AdiGAN: A visual adventure into the machine learning generative world

By Fabio Toste, Senior Creative Developer and Peter Altamirano, Technical Director at Jam3.

Part of our bread & butter at Jam3 is to generate innovative ideas, separately from client work, that can sometimes be technically challenging and require intensive research. Jam3 Labs is where we take all those great ideas and make them happen in quick R&D sprints.

AdiGAN Goal: Generate unique customized products

The idea this time was to generate texture using a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) model to sample different customizable styles to the same adidas sneakers and create beautiful modified versions of it.

By Amélie Rosser, Senior Creative Developer, Jam3

To commemorate 100 FWA wins, we created a WebGL experience to celebrate this milestone with artistic expression and fun.

We asked ourselves, how can we tell Jam3’s story through meaningful and playful interactions?

To answer that we spent a week as a group brainstorming and concepting together to formulate an idea which we would then pitch to our Creative Directors.

During our concepting phase we came up with three pillars that would define the tone of this experience:

  • Playfulness
  • Curiosity
  • Gratitude

We divided the experience up into three sections, past, present and future.


by Victoire Douy

Victoire is a a french graphic designer living in Toronto. She works at Jam3, where she does interactive design with a keen interest in illustration.

I recently attended a panel organized by Lean In Canada hosted by five amazing women. I liked the lessons they shared so much that I wrote about them, even though my everyday life revolves more around designing and illustrating.

It goes without saying that these aren’t the only lessons for women in STEM, but these are some great tips that resonated with me. I hope you find them helpful.

Of course I…

We’re happy to announce that Forrester recently named Jam3 one of ten agencies to watch in a report titled “Supercharge Your Marketing with Creatively Focused Agencies” by Principal Analyst Jay Pattisall.

This recognition also comes on the heels of Jam3 being named “Interactive Agency of the Year” by the ADCC so … it’s been a great year for us and, more importantly, our clients 🥳

“Jam3 boasts an entrepreneurial and passionate spirit, characterized by the philosophy ‘the relentless pursuit of better’,” writes Pattisall. “The agency touts its use of design thinking and emerging technology to solve client business problems.”


Dirk van Ginkel, creative director of design and experience agency Jam3, explains how different technologies like Augmented Reality can enhance the future of driving and turn ‘boring commuting time’ into meaningful & memorable bonding experiences.

Meet Pablo. He and his partner are in their mid-40s. They have three kids who are all under 10 years old, and a dog. Driving anywhere with this crew is a whole time. The kids are bored. The GPS is distracting. The dog is barking. The radio is too loud or not loud enough. …

This article intends to show one of the techniques we use to mitigate cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks at Jam3. These vulnerabilities may appear when dangerouslySetInnerHTML is wrongly used, and our goal is to detect it ahead of time and to clean up untrusted values.

dangerouslySetInnerHTML is one of the features commonly used for presenting and inserting DOM formatted content data into the frontend. It provides a number of benefits when parsing HTML strings into React’s virtual DOM. However, you may want to think twice about using it for user input. …

Dirk van Ginkel, creative director of Jam3 design and experience agency, explains why the time is now for retailers to learn from the pros at Sephora and Nordstrom to reimagine their in-store cx using AI.

Retailers have been struggling for years to compete with online giants like Amazon who have been consistently taking over market share with their convenience and hyper-targeted product suggestions. As signaled by the closure of iconic retail giant Toys R’ Us, there is an undeniable shift in consumer behavior towards retail stores. Today only a few retailers are still expanding their stores — and their success lies in creating experiences that make visiting a store worthwhile (Business Insider, 2017). Companies like Sephora or Lululemon are leading the way by making their stores more than just spaces for commercial transactions.

Sephora is…

Tips from a UX expert on how to plan, build, and perfect an immersive AR experience. How to keep users engaged, prototype, and make something awesome.

AR is coming out of the hype-cycle and has begun to see innovative real-world uses such as the Ikea Place app. I thought the time was ripe to share some trade secrets about building immersive AR experiences.

I’ve been designing experiences for more than a decade. After starting in design, branding, and content, I moved to product design and development. Now, I explore the intersection of digital and physical through immersive AR.

Together with my team at Jam3, we’ve built experiences for everyone from Google to Facebook, Universal to Warner Brothers, Ford to Hyundai.

In this article I’ll give you…


Jam3 is a design and experience agency that partners with forward-thinking brands from around the world. To learn more, visit us at

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