New year, new look

4 min readJan 15, 2019

Introducing our visual evolution: an identity that’s anchored in our past and illuminating our future.

2018 marked the tenth year of Jam3. What started as three friends working on top of a garage a decade ago is now nearly 100 people across three offices in three countries (Editor’s note: We’re hiring!). It was an unbelievable year of growth, celebration, and results, and it was clear that our evolution had to manifest in our identity.

A platform with purpose

On paper, the brief was simple: design an identity platform that encapsulates our vision to be the architect’s of tomorrow’s experiences. Every day, our designers, developers, strategists, producers, business intelligence, and administrative staff imagine and execute meaningful connections with people in forward-thinking ways.

While the brief was simple, we knew the output would have to be considerably nuanced in telling the story of our culture, our work, and our ethos to a public that includes our current and future clients, potential employees, and of course, the internet at large.

The process is the identity

To get started, we eschewed a traditional (and lengthy) brand design process. Instead we opted for a methodology that most authentically represented us and our roots in digital: a two-week design sprint. For us, the mindset of perpetual “work in progress” has led to meaningful, participatory results through sprints and experimental modalities.

A furious set of exercises ensued. We formulated hypotheses, embarked on creative exploration, diverged and converged — empowering creative territories that spanned themes of minimalism, expressiveness, and the unconventional. Through daily rounds of refinement with our key stakeholders, we generated a volume of output that helped us better identify who we are. And perhaps more importantly, who we aren’t.

The glyph

Our new glyph is straightforward in its composition, but uniquely us. Three primitive shapes assemble to form a whole, paradigmatic of our multidisciplinary, collaborative practice. The glyph can also be read with a sense of abstract anthropomorphization, a subtle wink to where we work best: in the space between people and technology.

The system

The core components of our new design system — the glyph, type, colour, motion, and messaging — allow our designers to create flexible materials that can evoke both Jam3 and our relationship with our partners.

We have classified three contextual levels for our identity that progressively build off one another to ensure the right formula of components are being deployed, whether it’s a business card, tote bag, or pitch deck.

Level 1 — Introducing ourselves / LOGO, TYPE, COLOUR
Level 2 — Defining ourselves / LOGO, TYPE, COLOUR & GRAPHICS
Level 3 — Celebrating our work / LOGO, TYPE, COLOUR & OUR WORK

A vehicle for possibility

Through play and experimentation, the glyph can take on a sweeping number of forms, allowing our identity to remain fresh and grow with us — from 2019 to the next decade and beyond.

To see how all the different branded elements come together, check out the full Behance case study.

Jam3 is a design and experience agency that partners with forward-thinking brands from around the world. To learn more, visit us at

Article by — Mike Lamont




Jam3 is a design and experience agency that partners with forward-thinking brands from around the world. To learn more, visit us at