The Amazing Power Of Music To Boost Language Learning.

Some people still believe that speaking foreign languages is for geniuses. 
 Or for little children, because they have a special talent for learning languages fast. 
 Children have a lot of curiosity. And they’re not worried about making mistakes.
 If they don’t get it right the first time, they just repeat it as many times as necessary. 
 They never give up.
 I have always believed that curiosity is the most valuable human asset.
 And that we all preserve part of it, no matter how old we are.
 I still keep more than my share. And it shows no sign of fading.
 It’s my curiosity that ignites me to new journeys in the quest for knowledge.
 Have you ever tried to let your curiosity lead you when learning a new skill ? 
 Believe me, it’s worth trying.
 And it doesn’t have to be so hard, if you’re passionate about the subject.
 I believe that there’s no experience more rewarding than learning to communicate with people from a different country, in their language. 
 It’s like a Christmas gift package that keeps unfolding forever, with new and surprising gems of ideas and knowledge. 
 Every day comes with new flavors, tastes and perspectives of what the World has to offer. 
 This is all possible, If only we let our natural curiosity lead the way. And when we learn to forgive ourselves for the little mistakes that we all make, in the process of learning a foreign language.

Allow me to digress a bit:
 For me, dancing had been a disastrous experience for decades. 
 If anyone asked me, I’d say that I would never be able to dance in my life. 
 One day, my wife was playing a record with popular Italian songs. And suddenly, as Funiculi, Funiculà began to play, I caught her arms, and we were dancing, captivated by the charm of this joyous and bewitching song. 
 The song was guiding us all along. And we didn’t step on each other’s shoes. Not even once.
 On that day, I realized how important it is to let go. To be free again. To be able to open up to the endless colors and emotions that each new morning can bring. If we manage to pay less attention to the censor inside of us.

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