Strategies for Embracing the Next Level

As we step into the second quarter of 2017, I hope that you are happy with where you are. I speak with people all over the world every day and many are not making progress on their goals. We live in a culture that gives up at the first sign of difficulty and discomfort. I have never been able to understand how anyone can possibly expect to accomplish big dreams without drive. It’s great to be inspired and motivated. On the other hand, I have experienced my share of failures and it is never easy. Your ability to navigate seasons of uncertainty is what will empower you to become uncommon. New frontiers will never be conquered without focus. There are strategies to making consistent progress even in moments of intense pressure.

  1. Quitting cannot be an option for you. If you want to live the life of your dreams the first thing you will have to do is lose the defeat mentality. So many people give up on their dreams. Even more people have given up on life. It disturbs me to see the lack of perseverance and tenacity that fuels the world today. We want to do big things but we cannot handle adversity. If adversity causes you to become unglued then you will never live an uncommon life. When you make the decision that quitting is no longer an option for you, then you will begin to shift the quality of your life forever. Defeat is not in the DNA of a champion. Make a decision that you are going to fight and forge ahead no matter what forces oppose you.
  2. Become resolute in your assignment. Many people have asked me for the key to walking in consistent victory in life. One thing more than anything else has produced momentum and breakthroughs in my life. The thing I am talking about is resolve. Resolve is an undeniable stance that you will be unshakable in your commitment to success. Resolve is being persistent in what you know has been promised to you. You will never manifest more in your life without first having a made up mind. Your inconsistency will always produce an ineffective life. What you are established in can never be erased.
  3. Speak life into your dreams. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to encourage myself and breathe life into my dreams. You are going to have to learn how to speak words of life and not death. One of the most important things you can ever do is protect your promise. Everyday make a conscious decision to use the power of your words to affirm your dreams and awaken your destiny. Everything around you will prompt you to speak negative about your future. However, if you will guard your words you can invite greatness into your world. What if the only thing you had was the harvest of the words you spoke yesterday? You cannot create success until you change the things that you are saying about your life. Declaration and affirmation sustain your dreams.
  4. Give your assignment your undivided attention. Whatever you give your attention to will determine the advancement of your life. More importantly, your attention determines what you attract into your life. We waste so much time on activities that do not increase the value of our lives. Too many people have dreams of grandeur but no plan for growth and development in their lives. It will take more than hope and positivity to reach your highest potential. Whatever you are focusing on is deciding your future. My life is filled with achievements because I have been very conscious about what I give my attention to. You can be distracted or you can be disciplined. However, I have learned that you cannot be both. Everything you attain in life will be the product of what you have chosen to give your attention to. Refuse to give your attention to anything that does not advance your life. The greatest decision I ever made was to get consumed with what I was called to do.
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