The Path to Success

On May 9, 2016 I released my highly anticipated autobiography. While many were excited, I must admit that I was still a bit nervous about the release of such a personal book. This was a big change from the types of books that I usually put out. However, people have been wanting to hear my entire story for years. I have shared bits and pieces but never have I opened up so transparently about my life and my journey. People around the world are already being empowered and it has been an incredible moment for me. I am hearing new stories every day of people that are being empowered to tell their own stories and to live out their dreams.

  1. You have to find the value in your life. As I have been doing lots of press for my new book, the thing that I have been asked repeatedly is why I chose to write this book. I am sure that the masses will benefit from this book in a big way. However, I did not write this book for the masses. I wrote this book for myself. For a long time I lived a victimized and powerless life. I did not see the value in my life or my story and so I did not think I had anything to give to the world. As I committed to doing the deep internal work, I discovered that not only was my story powerful but I learned just how valuable my life was. It changed the trajectory of my life and placed me in a position to empower people around the world to transform their own lives.
  2. You have to be willing to come out of the cave. One of the things I learned early in my life is that when you live constricted you reduce your life to a cave. So many people in the world today have settled for the cave. Caves are condemned places that cost us progress and cripple our potential. I refused to live my life as a cave dweller and I made a choice to break out of the cave and to create the life that I desired. It is time for you to stop living in condemned places. When you continue to visit your past your vision is paralyzed. You have been in a place of defeat long enough. You have to find the courage to embrace prophetic destiny.
  3. You have to trust the process. So many people look at my life today and they are amazed. As someone that has achieved massive success people are quick to jump to conclusions. However, the reality is that you have no idea what my journey has been like. We judge people on the destination without knowing the development. You think you know but you really have no idea. The reality is that true power comes from trusting the process. I know what it is like to feel totally defeated. I know what it is like to be completely broke and to feel hopeless. I have faced more adversity than you would ever know. However, I was able to stay true to the path because I trusted the process. I knew that what I was going through could not compare to what I was going to. I refused to be detoured because I had a destination in mind. Can you trust the process even when you cannot see a plan? I have learned how to rest in the fact that I was destined for greatness. When you learn how to rest nothing can rob you of your destiny.
  4. You should come to a place of wisdom in your life. I think one of the main reasons that people wanted me to write about my life is because of the wisdom that I always share. In fact, I refused to write about my life if I could not offer the world any wisdom. I think it is a tragedy to live a lifetime and not acquire any wisdom. A life without wisdom is a life that was lived without worth. Our experiences should serve as teachers in our lives providing us with a deep well of wisdom that we can draw from. If you are not learning you are not truly living. I see so many people that are wasting their lives. Wisdom is the proof that you have engaged with life. When a person has no wisdom it is the proof that a person has lived life unconsciously. Wisdom is the fruit of a well lived life.

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