The Path to Victory

As I continue to speak with people around the world, I am excited to see more people going for their dreams and making a decision to live a life of success and prosperity. However, I know that ambition and excitement is not enough to live the life of your dreams. It will require that you give your all and that is something that a lot of people do not know how to do. When inspiration and motivation fades you must have the fortitude to see a goal through all the way to the end. Many times we desire what we are unwilling to devote ourselves to. What you do not give yourself to fully will never be fulfilled in your life. Next level living will require a shift in mindset and lifestyle.

  1. You have to be willing to devote yourself to living a higher life. We live in a culture that confuses desire with devotion. Desire is simply strong emotion or passion. Devotion is the commitment to a desire that brings about manifestation in your life. Anything that you do not devote yourself to will die. Too many people have been deceived into believing that desire and ambition is enough. However, ambitious people abort purpose all the time. You cannot build your dream life without first buying into the dream. Devotion shifts from excitement to being established in a dream. You cannot excel in what you are not established in.
  2. You have to be willing to persist when you are faced with resistance. One of the things that I can guarantee you about rising to the next level in life is that you will encounter resistance. Resistance always shows up in your life to test your limits and see if you will be relentless in your pursuit of greatness. I believe that only relentless people get results. Failure is often the product of a lack of fortitude. Whatever you are not fortified in will falter. Persistence shatters the barrier of resistance. More importantly, persistence propels you beyond limitations and into new realms of possibilities for your life. You have to persist to manifest your promise!
  3. You have to be willing to release everything that sends your life in reverse. Nothing is more counterproductive to your success than continuing to maintain toxic connections in your life. We all reach a point in our journeys where we must sever the cord of every relationship that separates us from change in our lives. Toxic relationships often distance us farther away from our dreams. In fact, I often say that toxic relationships drive dysfunction in our lives. In this season you must evaluate the relationships in your life. If the relationships in your life continue to send your life in reverse then it is time to release those relationships. When we continue to hold onto things that don’t take us higher we hijack our own potential. Refuse to allow the relationships in your life to restrict your success.
  4. You have to feed your faith. The only way that you will fulfill your purpose and maximize your potential is if you keep the faith. I made a decision years ago that I would starve my doubts to death. It sounded good and I was really excited about it. However, I learned quickly that my doubts are resurrected when I do not feed my faith. Too many times we confuse hope with faith. Hope is often times mental ascent. Faith is an unwavering belief and firm stance that does not buckle in the face of pressure and opposition. Faith is developing what I call a bulletproof mindset that causes you to thrive no matter the turbulence you experience in your life. Feeding your faith is developing a mindset in which nothing has the power to move you. A great future demands that you possess great faith. Develop your faith today and watch your life change!
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