5 signs that you’ve trapped yourself in your job.

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A handsome salary, great benefits, good vacation — just what you always worked towards, right? Why is it, then that you aren’t happy in your current position? And why, if you are unhappy, have you remained on in your position, possibly for years? When we find ourselves chasing financial compensation or security in our jobs over job satisfaction, career growth, or our personal lives, we’re wearing golden handcuffs. Here’s 4 symptoms that you might be wearing golden handcuffs, and 4 ways to break free.

Symptom: You’ve delayed quitting multiple times before.

“It would be foolish to quit before bonus season”, “I’m sure things will turn around soon, and I’ve already established myself here”, “I just need another year to be set up for retirement”. If you find yourself rationalizing your continued tenure with reasons like this, you’ve probably fallen victim to golden handcuffs. While it may seem like sound reasoning and logical decision making, there will always be one more milestone to reach, one more zero to add to the bank account. Each delay made chasing another arbitrary point on the horizon is another delay. …


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