I am standing on grassland, there is a wall, a plastic ball rolls along the sward, two dots there over the mountain chain, floating, befall my presence and this procedure passes in a sore brute form. Is it the staying, that moves me in a way that I suddenly start crying between two ice crevices? I look inside of them, see that they as well have their story to tell and loose myself for a short while only to find myself again a little later. The milky white, it triggers a tremble in memory of a time where I used to stay in a garden uncertain of my feeling and my request on any following circumstances. The distinct moment of tragedy felt among some other people in my surrounding was so foreign to me that I could only identify myself with it through the thought of the immediate inevitable present. All of a sudden 13 Beds without their framing fall down all around me and in my hand a quill pen, green paint disgorges from a higher level and starts creating a pattern on the beds that have come to rest in all shapes and variations. A distorted portrayal of the present, it presses me down on one of the beds, my face is being soaked with paint against my will and I have to watch how I become part of it, try to defy it, fail and now other parts of my body start to be drowning in colour as well. My clothes get heavy, they start sticking to my body, I cannot hold against, I cannot hold against. What is starting here is a passion that creates harm inside of me, it opens up a valley that I now have to walk, there is only this direction. Rampant plants grow in my surrounding, the ground pulsates like it’d like to open, tear, throw up. I open my mouth, light that usually has so much to tell flows out of me, but now is more like a chewy mixture with agile elements of truth still trying to withdraw from getting unimpeded access to the value of the situation that tries to make it forget what its purpose was and unfolds elsewhere on a hill that in its condition as a natural element qualifies perfectly for an unfolding, a metamorphose towards becoming a lifedefiant volatile mass being able to present itself as a sanative answer towards its surroundings.