You too, can be better

Image Credits: LKururugi

So a new year has dawned on us all.

2018 just came out of the maternity ward and will grow up to be a slightly optimistic kid with his hopes and dreams for his short year.

But reality will eventually settle in and beat the living daylights out of the kid to show that life is mostly dreadful and 2018 is going to live it’s short life getting beaten by humans before shriveling into the void to make way for the next baby.

But none of that, right now. It’s the first day of a new year! Everyone is making their own resolutions, which mostly involves some sort of exercise related plan or diet related plan. Then, of course, it will be promptly thrown to the wayside like an old and soggy hot-dog.

But that’s a story for another day.

Every one is so optimistic (or at least pretends to be optimistic), with their spirits so high that you can literally hear the angels singing from the backs of the ears singing “Hallelujah!!”.

And part of it makes me wants to puke.

You see, it’s not optimism as a concept that makes me want to puke. If the world were filled with only grim and cynical bastards like yours truly, then it would be a very, very torturous place to live in. Optimism is good, nay, great. That’s how the world and the people in it get better, bit by bit, piece by piece.

No, it’s the short-lived optimism that everyone embodies at the arrival of a new year that makes me want to puke.

It’s the new year!! Chocolates and meats abound!! The new year dawns on us all”, most of them cry out.

A fire is kindled in their hearts.

The fire of hope. The fire of optimism.

And for the first few days, let’s say a week, they would feel like the world is right for the first time in their whole life.

Then “it” comes.

It being, in this case, life. Life doesn’t let anyone have a happy life without a fair fight, you see. It will pummel you to the ground, bash your teeth in, render your psyche asunder and will proceed to finish you off with a pile driver as a finishing touch like a certain Russian wrestler.

Of course, all of that won’t happen at once. It will happen at certain points in that year, with the pile driver being the breaking point.

Most of us would slowly see that bright fire reduced to a small, timid flame over the course of that time, as every past problem or a new one renders it’s ugly head to screw your progress.

Suddenly, deja vu hits you in the face. This feeling of hopelessness, this feeling of despair, this void feels all too familiar to you.

Suddenly, that new found optimism and hope at the start of the year totally fades away.

You’re back to square one of your sad old life. Again.

That’s always been the running theme of every new year. Back to square one.

Image: My Hero Academia

But you do remember that few moments of invincibility that you possessed, no matter how fleeting they might have seemed??

That feeling of having control over your life. It felt so good, didn’t it??

For once, life didn’t suck. It was good. Yes, it was kind of problematic, but it was good all the same.

Wouldn’t you like to hold on to it forever??

Wouldn’t you like that flame inside of you to burn forever??

Then, you have to fight for it.

Protect it.

Trust me, life is gonna throw every curve ball in your direction, cause’s it life and it’s crazy like that.

That’s been the problem. When most people get hit by a bunch of curve balls, they get scared and think, “Is this year gonna be the same as before??” and that new found confidence gets slightly shaken.

Then, it’s pretty much a downward slope for most people, before they get back to the same point.

Trust me, I’ve been on that path and I’m trying to change. Now you might think, “Wait, you’re just like the rest of us. So, what gave you the right to preach to us??”. Fair point.

I’m no better than the rest of the humans on the planet. But I’m willing to change. I have changed a bit in 2017 and I want to continue that progress in 2018, nay, all my life.

All it took was realizing that life is one constant battle with a few breaks in between, and not a bed of roses as I was led to believe. Enjoy the few spoils of war that you get, because the next battle might make or break you.

The other thing?? Learn to ask for help.

As an introvert, I find it very difficult to do that, but I’ve seen some changes in me because I’ve asked for help and I’ve been the better for it.

So, if you think that a new year gives you the license to be optimistic and hopeful, do be like that. But carry that with a touch of realism. Life is going to be problematic as all hell. Accept that.

Then, let that flame burn forever and brightly.

Maybe it will help you to become a better person, after all.

Oh yeah.

Happy New Year!