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A food critic based out of North Carolina, James Phelps frequently shares insightful reviews of local restaurants and eateries with his online readers. Here, he helps explain the origin of Southern cuisine that is well-known in states such as Tennessee, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

James Phelps has for years helped readers determine which restaurants were worth their investments in major Southern cities like Charlotte and Charleston. He opens his readers’ eyes to the establishments that embody the local cuisine and offer a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

“North Carolina sits on the northernmost edge of what we refer to in America as the quintessential Southern states,” says James Phelps.

James Andrew Phelps is an award-winning chef and food critic who spends his time frequenting the restaurant hotspots around his home state of North Carolina. Below, he names some of his favorite restaurants in Charlotte’s renowned and charming Elizabeth Neighborhood.

A native of North Carolina, James Phelps pursued his passion for the culinary arts after finding inspiration in all of the state’s celebrated food hubs. He graduated from the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina Culinary Program with a Certificate in Culinary Arts, building a strong foundation for a lifelong career in food.

After graduating, James Andrew Phelps took on roles in kitchens across Raleigh and Durham, working in a number of eateries, cafes, bakeries, pastry shops, and high-end restaurants between the cities. After gaining a well-rounded first-hand experience in all things culinary, he relocated to Charlotte where he managed a handful of restaurants in the area and led them to new levels of success. …


James Andrew Phelps

James Phelps of Charlotte, North Carolina is a culinary expert and food critic, having spent nearly two decades serving various roles in the culinary industry.

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