After reading your article almost 2x through, I realize you are several notches above me in…
Ilona Gawin Goanos

Dear Ilona,

Superb observations. My presentation is certainly not mis/disinformation from a position of intention; it is as neutral to bias and misdirection as I can presently achieve, there is no hidden agenda. That said, I am imprisoned by the illusion of perception just like anyone else; the difference is I am aware of that illusion and why it is so on a very deep level that exceeds the grasp of the sciences. The intention was to clarify the precarious position society finds itself and to warn of dark days ahead. But all is not bleak; Pandora’s box contains both good and bad and both extremes will be encountered on the road ahead.

I understand the depth and breadth of your probing questions. The “yoga perspective” is one I hold dearly; I have trained in Qi Gong for a long time and my wife was a great yoga teacher. My greatest lesson was comprehending the meaning of death (of my wife); of all the greatest teachers that have ever roamed the earth, the greatest teacher of all — and by far — is Death and you can only arrive at that conclusion from experience, all else is merely belief which includes both science and religion. I explain the meaning of Death in the Preface to my last book, The World’s Fittest Humans here:

You ask about truth: without a foundation of ethics and with the power of technology, truth, that is Truth, has no survival prospects. We are there now, even the domain of strong peer-reviewed science has become poisoned by man’s clever talent for exploiting human weaknesses of both individuals and institutions in the name of personal gain over the societal commons (“the greater good”), such as Garrett Hardin’s profound and elegant “The Tragedy of the Commons.” All must suffer from the actions of the few; we have leveraged our ingenuity from “one bad apple spoils the bushel” to a scale where a bushel has mushroomed to the size of our planet.

So, is all lost? No. The last bird to exit Pandora’s box was hope. But we now have placed all our eggs in a single and fragile basket.

James Autio


Ilona, if you wish to explore this further, email me.